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PrestaShop Product Management

Web merchants should be very particular about product management, so that customers would get all the information related to PrestaShop products. To streamline product management one has to neatly organize product data, ensure accurate stock control, inventory arranging and so on.

This section contains articles, covering the following aspects of smart PrestaShop products management:

Store Manager for PrestaShop considerably amplifies product management possibilities, giving PrestaShop users myriad of functional capabilities and allowing to efficiently arrange immense number of PrestaShop products.

Product Management Possibilities

Wide Array of Simple Operations

Manage PrestaShop products at an easy rate, having set of basic operation at your disposal – readily add new items, modify product related information, delist unnecessary products from the catalog, refresh PrestaShop product list, use copy/paste or clone functionality to create new products.

Comprehensive Filter and Search Functionality

To find necessary item in product list you do not need to spend time browsing store categories. Store Manager filter and search options will help you out – sort products using default filters or column headings, create custom filters or make use or advanced product search.

PrestaShop Attributes and Combinations

PrestaShop attributes are used to more deeply and to fuller extent describe the products and assure your shoppers that these products are exactly what they are looking for. Manage product attributes and combinations at an easy rate – create, modify attributes and attribute groups, import PrestaShop attributes, create combinations via Combinations Generator and use Mass Combination Changer for fast combination updating.

Mass Product Updates

With Mass Product Changer you can in an instant modify multiple PrestaShop products – change price, quantity, status, set smart price and manage other product aspects.

PrestaShop Import of Products

Upload products from files of XML, CSV, XLS, TXT, XLSX formats via the Import Wizard tool – make data appending maximally convenient and accurate. PrestaShop import of products becomes highly flexible, as you may bring changes to file data right in the process of upload, avoiding manual file modifying.

Product Export

PrestaShop export products and associated to them information to CSV, TXT files with the Export Wizard tool – derive products and their details listed in the file just in a few clicks.

PrestaShop Products Images Management

Store Manager for PrestaShop assists you in creating informative store catalog and functions as workable image uploader. Add local images to your products by simple drag and drop, paste image URLs to upload remote images, replace or copy/paste pictures in a hassle-free manner.

Manage your PrestaShop catalog smoothly and in a worthwhile manner – accomplish PrestaShop import and PrestaShop export operations at lightning speed, proceed with mass product updates, upload images to your products, easily arrange product attributes and combinations – everything is at your disposal with Store Manager for PrestaShop.

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