What is Store Manager for PrestaShop

Store Manager is a downloadable application for managing catalog and sales. It’s like your PrestaShop back office that works on your desktop. Enhanced with extra tools for bulk edits, advanced sorting and filtering, automation of repeated tasks, flexible import/exports, inventory update across multiple sales channels, and more.

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Store Manager for PrestaShop offers you:

1 ChatGPT to generate/translate product data

Write short or long descriptions, append or replace existing information, translate data into multiple languages with AI or perform any other scenario. Request any other feature and get your scenario implemented free of charge

ChatGPT to generate/translate product data
Mass Changers / Generators

2 Mass Operations Over Products

Massively update product-related details (stock, prices, descriptions, images etc.). Add and modify product combinations in bulk. Use Feed Generator for catalog export to Google Merchant and Amazon Marketplace.

3 Import Possibilities

Import PrestaShop products from CSV / XML / XLS / XLSX file/ Google Sheets. Migrate customers with passwords. No strict requirements to the import file. Set product uploads on schedule. Import catalog from local file, HTTP or FTP URL to file. Update product details having two columns in the import file.

 Import csv, txt, xml, xls

4 Export Functionality

Perform product, category, customer and order export to .csv or xls (Excel). Export orders and products to Google Sheets, make the process automated. Carry out data to Amazon and eBay marketplaces, QuickBooks accounting.

5 Product Management

Perform basic operations over PrestaShop products, ascribe multiple categories to product(s) in one click. Assign images in bulk. Create product flyers and catalogs with LookBook Integration. Upload product descriptions and images from ICEcat worldwide catalog.

Product Management
Customer Management

6 Customer Management

Filter customers by ordered products and export their emails. Migrate customers from one PrestaShop astore to another via export/import functionality errorlessly. Perform export to QuickBooks accounting.

7 Order Management

Print invoices and receipts for several orders. Export orders to different file formats. Import orders from file and (PRO and Business Editions). Upload sales from Amazon and eBay marketplaces, export them to QuickBooks. Add orders via one-page POS (barcode scanner supported), no credit card processing. Calculate cash and change, apply discount, add comments in POS window.

PrestaShop POS
PrestaShop Store Diagnostics

8 Diagnostics & Reports

Scan website for image-related, SEO issues with meta details, diagnose data integrity and language records. Take advantage of the possibility to fix issues right after the diagnostics. Use 5 built-in reports for sales, inventory and client data analysis. Create and edit your own reports.

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