PrestaShop Combination Update Wizard - Mass Conbinations Update
*Can be applied to orders starting from $199
2019-04-05 2018-04-27
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PrestaShop Combination Update Wizard

Store Manager now offers you the ability to update PrestaShop combinations in bulk automatically.

New assistant contains only combinations-related options making the update process time-saving and clear. It comprises a few stages and provides maximum care guiding through them.

From version of Store Manager for PrestaShop it is possible to perform PrestaShop auto update product combinations using newly implemented update wizard designed exclusively for updating combinations.

Let’s figure out how the PrestaShop update combinations process can be optimized using the Update Wizard.

Step 1

Find Combination Update Wizard in the ‘Import/Export’ drop-down of the ‘Tools’ section and start it.

Select file containing combinations updated data you want to import and specify file charset.

Step 2

Select quotes delimiter and quote character. In case the first row of your .csv file contains fields name, tick the corresponding box.

Step 3

Specify base formats and separators. Usually is it recommended to leave these parameters unchanged. However, if some errors occur, return here to alter them.

Step 4

Select combinations identification method from the drop-down and start mapping .csv columns to database fields.

In case you don’t know what this or that database field means, find its description below the table.

You can use expression editor and apply your own SQL statements, if needed.

To do that, input the statements into the editor and ‘Insert Column Value’ button to add specific column values to the expressions. Select ‘Execute Expression’ option to check if your expressions are written properly and can be executed.

Step 5

Preview the file in .csv format and specify from which line you would like to start the import.

Step 6

Select the storeview you want to update PrestaShop combinations for and tick ‘Create import log file’, if necessary. You can save the configuration and have it ready for future updates.

Contrary to PrestaShop admin, Combination Update Wizard requires no manual processing of every product combination and executes the procedure in few clicks automatically. You won’t need to erase old details and input new data to update your product combinations. Just select the file with updates and set up quick configurations for the wizard.

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