Import As a Service

Let our professionals do product import routine for you! We can upload new items, update old inventory, synchronize your file with supplier and much more. Satisfaction guaranteed! No programming, no software installation required. You send us your file and FTP and we do the job for you. To make sure the job is done at the top level, we import first 5 items and give consultations free of charge!

Plans and Pricing

Custom Import – Starter
Up to 1 000 items*
Custom Import – Light
From 1 000 – to 20 000 items*
Custom Import – Medium
From 20 000 – to 100 000 items*
Custom Import – Ultimate
More than 100 000 items*

Custom Import service covers one-time import provided by technical engineer excluding complex rules or data input. Import service is non-refundable once you confirm that all is done. As soon as you say that all is done correctly, all settings saved after import are provided free of charge. Re-import is charged additionally, though you can use provided settings and import the file with same format with the help of Store Manager software for free. Guaranteed response time is 24 hours, business days.

* Item means one record in your file.
** The support of specific features depends on the version of PrestaShop you use as well as your file limitations.
***The price covers import of the file AS IS. All modifications, adjustments, calculations should be confirmed before import and may be charged additionally.
XML, XLS/XLSX (Excel), CSV, TXT and .ODS (OpenOffice) files are supported. In case you have doubts, send us your file and we’ll check it
for you right away!

What data can be imported?


All product related information including Reference (Model), Name, Description, Quantity, Availability, Weight, Condition, Price, Specific Price, Wholesale Price, Unit Price, Tax Rate, Quantity Discount, Meta Data, Position, Manufacturer, Supplier, etc

Products ImageProduct Images

Unlimited number of images, no matter if they are located on your server or at your Supplier’s site

Products AtributesProduct Attributes

Creating Values in specific Attributes. Size, Color, Material, Style, Processor Speed, etc – things that can be adjusted according to customer’s needs


Attributes, combination reference, location, price, quantity, images, etc. getting a variation of specific product sizes, colors, etc like blue t-shirt of size S.


All features that you have in your shopping cart like your product dimensions, model specifications, etc. Additionally you can add custom feature values.


Category tree and data related to categories like images, descriptions, meta data etc.

Multi Store Multi Store

Items can be imported into specific shop according to PrestaShop Multi Store functionality

Advanced Stock Management Advanced Stock Management

We are looking for good requests to figure out how to implement this feature. In case you have specific requirements, please contact us and we’ll gladly check them for you.

Additional options available

  • Delete or disable products that are not listed in your file
  • Create product variations basing on your specifications
  • Strip HTML or special characters from names and descriptions
  • Manual input of attribute groups (e.g. “Size” is attribute group, “S, XS, etc” – its values named attributes)

Things that are not covered with this service

  • No manual data input. In case you need to fill in your file before import manually from your supplier’s site, please contact your supplier to get this information
  • We do not create accessories via import, only assign existing products like accessories

In case you haven’t found required items in both lists above, do not proceed! Contact us! for free consultation.

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Prestashop CSV import
Thank you very much for all eMagic team for this great job. I recommend it.
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PrestaShop Import FAQ

What are your benefits?

Professional team that makes the job at the highest level. No robots applied! Human mental power is used to map fields, organize data, update items, upload images basing on your specific file differences. 🙂 You will not hear that you forgot to enable some options or that server resources were used so no refund can be provided.

What file format do you accept?

All XML, XLS (Excel), CSV, TXT files are supported. In case you have doubts, send us your file and we’ll check it for you right away!

What requirements do you have?

Data should be structured in lines and columns for Excel and .csv files. No specific requirements to .xml files. Missing data can be generated on a fly basing on rules applied while import. In case your file have no headings or has generic headings, some assistance is required to make sure correct data will be imported into appropriate fields

Can changes be made to my store while import is running?

No, it is not recommended to make changes as we will not be able to synchronize data.

Can Import be scheduled to non-business hours as there are users on the store?

Yes, any specific time can be scheduled to make sure smooth performance of your store.

What tool do you use for import?

We use Store Manager for PrestaShop – a perfect tool to cope with PrestaShop import tasks.

Is it one time service?

Yes, it is one time service, though you get all configuration files so you can run import from file with same structure on your own free of charge. Store Manager for PrestaShop is required to run import with provided configuration.

Can Import be scheduled?

Yes, Import can be scheduled with Store Manager and Automated Product Import addon. We can also set it for you from our side so you won’t have to worry about it. The price of all scheduled import tasks is calculated separately.

Where can I find terms of service?

Pre-paid import service terms can be found here –

Do you provide refunds?

Yes, you can stop in the middle of the way until the service is provided completely. Import service is non-refundable once you confirm that all is done correctly. In case you are not satisfied with results, or in case of chargeback we have the right to undo or comment all changes that were made on your site.

Why do I need to use your service?

We have over 10 000 active users and years we support more than 10 shopping carts this far. Qualified tech engineers will make import for you, no matter how complicated it is, how many specific rules you want to apply or how much you know about PrestaShop.

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More Questions? Contact us!

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