Integrate PrestaShop with Google Sheets: Import From Spreadsheet
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Integrate PrestaShop with Google Sheets: Spreadsheet Import

PrestaShop integration with Google Sheets is a great way to keep and modify files with data. Though, PrestaShop admin does not offer such a possibility yet.

From version 2.55.2199 Store Manager introduces the ability to export and import data to PrestaShop from Google Sheets. You can use this article as a guide to upload product data to PrestaShop as a Google spreadsheet.

How to Import Products to PrestaShop from a Google Sheet?

Launch Import Wizard

  1. Launch Export/Import Wizard from the toolbar of Store Manager.

  2. Launch PrestaShop Import Products Wizard

  3. Select ‘Import’ action.

  4. Select Import to Proceed with Setup

  5. Select Google Spreadsheets as the import source.
Add your Google account

  1. Press the ‘Add Account’ button to integrate Store Manager with your Google Drive. Enter the name of cloud storage.

  2. Add Cloud Storage Name to Setup Import

    You will be redirected to the Google Authorization Window in browser. Sign in with your account:

    Authenticate New Account via Browser Notification

    Follow these steps to allow access to your account and complete verification:

    Sign in with Google at Browser

    Сonfirm that you grant Store Manager addon access to your account by clicking “Allow”:

      Grant eMagicOne Store Manager Export Import Permission 1 to Manage Files

    • Grant eMagicOne Store Manager Export Import Permission 1 Step

    • Grant eMagicOne Store Manager Export Import Permission 2 to Manage Files

    • Grant eMagicOne Store Manager Export Import Permission 2 Step

    • Grant eMagicOne Store Manager Export Import Permission 3 to Manage Files

    • Grant eMagicOne Store Manager Export Import Permission 3 Step

    Review your choices and click “Allow”:

    Verify and Confirm Granted Permissions

    Finally, you receive a message that authentication was successful

    Authentication Successful Confirmation Message

  3. Now you can find your cloud storage added to Store Manager.

  4. Select the cloud file from your Google Drive.

  5. Select the File from the List at Your Google Drive

  6. Select sheet to import and preview sheet data.

Preview Data Sheet Step

Configure import settings

  1. Set up the delimiters to separate fields data.

  2. Select Fields Delimiters and Quote Characters During Import

  3. In case your file contains date values and numbers, set up base formats and separators.

  4. Set Base Formats and Separators During Import

    You can check the ‘Encode scientific values for EAN13 codes’ box, if your EAN codes are in scientific format.

  5. Assign file columns to database fields using the CSV column dropdowns. Or you can assign them automatically by pressing Auto Fill button.

  6. Assign File Columns to Database Fields During Import

  7. Preview the import file. In case you find some incorrect data, go back to previous steps and check what is missed.

  8. Preview Import Data Step

    It is possible to start the upload from any CSV line you want. Just check the ‘Start import from line’ box and select the line number from the dropdown.

  9. Configure the import options:
  • Select the import method
  • Specify how to handle products that are not listed in the CSV.

  • Set Import Options

    In case the import file contains products with no category specified, you can indicate a category path that will be assigned to such products. If unnecessary, check the ‘Ignore category path…’ box

  • Select the store views to import the products to.
  • Check the ‘Create Import log file’, if necessary.

To start running the import, press the ‘Import’ button.


  • Google Spreadsheets format is considered to be the most convenient for storing and editing data.
  • Store Manager supports both spreadsheet export and import and this way simplifies the update procedure.
  • You can integrate multiple Google Drive accounts with Store Manager and easily switch between them.
  • It is possible to schedule spreadsheet import if you equip the application with Automated Import addon.

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