Store Manager for PrestaShop Store

PrestaShop Product Management

  • Generate product data with ChatGPT
  • Create & manage any number of products in PrestaShop:
    from 1 to 1 million!
  • Use powerful filters to speed up products search in catalog
  • Import/export products with images, descriptions and related details
  • Bulk change product details in 2 clicks

Streamline the Process of PrestaShop Product Management

Experience product management possibilities that will boost productivity and efficiency of catalog handling.

Generate/translate product data with ChatGPT

Write short or long descriptions, append or replace existing information, translate data into multiple languages with AI or perform any other scenario. Request any other feature and get your scenario implemented free of charge.

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Generate/translate product data with ChatGPT

Manage Products in Bulk

Create, edit, duplicate, clone or remove multiple products at once. Assign categories to goods. Generate barcodes for products and their combinations. Add selected products to the marketplace listings.

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Mass PrestaShop Product Changes

Make Mass Changes in 2 Clicks

Modify prices by percentage of fixed value, set smart prices, modify quantity or status, add or edit other product details for selected items in bulk using Mass Product Changer.

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Make Mass Changes in 2 Clicks

Easily Import & Export Data

Export and import all product-related details: images, descriptions, attribute combinations, categories, stock levels, specific prices, features, attachments, import PrestaShop combinations etc. Multiple product import formats supported: CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, TXT, ODS and Google Sheets.

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Sync with Third-party Systems

Optimize PrestaShop Images Upload

Enrich your products with images in a fast manner! Drag & drop them from the folder on your PC or directly from the browser. Upload multiple images saved locally or from external URLs. Find missing product images, pictures that are not linked to any product, products without images and swiftly fix issues with the Store Diagnostics tool.

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Optimize Images Upload

Work with Attributes and Combinations

Create and configure attributes and attribute groups. Generate product combinations or import them from file instead of creating them manually. Renew details with Combinations Update Wizard. Export products with combinations to Amazon and eBay marketplaces with the help of built-in addons.

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Work with Attributes and Combinations

Personalize Grid and Search

Customize product grid, adjusting it with columns with additional product info for improved filtering possibilities. Make product search more accurate with a range of advanced filters.

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Personalize Grid and Search

Arrange Category Tree

Easily structure your category tree with multi-layered subcategories, use a filter to find the needed category. Assign goods to them in bulk with drag & drop or via import. Export and upload categories, change their sort order.

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Arrange Category Tree

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