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Basic Operations over PrestaShop Products

Irrespective of what you are selling online, physical merchandise or services, you are obliged to arrange product catalog in a suitable manner and represent relevant information at the front-end. To set customer-oriented catalog you should constantly proceed with adding new goods, updating their details, uploading their images, and so on.

Since inventory management determines entrepreneurial success and should be accomplished without a hitch, it requires opportune and accurate carrying out. Store Manager for PrestaShop refines and improves merchandise handling providing wide array of fundamental operations. These operations are accessible on the toolbar and on the product context menu.

Add or Modify PrestaShop Products

Adding a new item you can input maximum info in Edit Product Data window after you click on Add product button. It incorporates several tabs where you can indicate product associated details including price, manufacturer, condition, manage its stock, specify what category it will be assigned to, provide its description, add attachments and more. To add PrestaShop product to the list, click on OK button after all the details are specified.

If the item is “outdated” and should be renewed, for example, you need to update its quantity, change manufacturer, status etc., double click on it or press Edit Product button. The corresponding window allows you to alter any details associated with an item.

Copy and Clone Merchandise

PrestaShop copy product and clone operations let you add new items to your catalog creating duplicates of the existing ware. Clone option allows to create duplicates in current category only, whereas copy/paste functionality allows to add item copy to other categories.

If you select a product to be duplicated and click on Copy Product button, there will appear Copy Data window, where you can choose what item details should be copied, for example, its features, specific prices, tags, image, etc. Check boxes for fields to be duplicated and added to new PrestaShop product.

Assign Product Category

To change category associations or assign several categories (subcategories) to PrestaShop product, select it, resort to Assign Categories functionality and check boxes for folders, the item will be located in.

Filter PrestaShop Merchandise

To simplify inventory management practice and quickly rearrange the catalog, make use of the filter functionality provided by Store Manager. Sort the merchandise by chosen category, category and its subcategory or apply your own filter criterion.

Remove Item From the List or Delete Product Related Data

To delist some items you should simply select them and press Delete Product button on the toolbar or in the context menu. Afterwards confirm deleting in the dialog window, so the products will be removed from the catalog. Store Manager allows you to clear item associated details via special Clear Product Data window. Corresponding option is available in the context menu. It is possible to eliminate product combinations, images, features, specific prices, accessories, attachments, virtual product data and product customizations. Check boxes for fields to be cleared and click OK to perform the operation.

Arrange your merchandise smoothly with Store Manager for PrestaShop by adding new items, altering the existing ones, shifting them to different categories and proceeding with other operations in a worthwhile manner.

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