Discover the Latest Updates of Store Manager for PrestaShop (Changelog)

Here you can find the detailed list of features, improvements, and fixes the latest version of Store Manager for PrestaShop delivers to its users.

Store Manager for PrestaShop v. — Product Search Tool Enhanced


Great news for the PrestaShop users!

Store Manager v. with a number of improvements and fixes has just been released.

Download the updated Store Manager for PrestaShop and use new opportunities to solve your business tasks even faster!


  • Now the Product Search tool shows up to 3 attributes of combinations in the results to help you select the combination you need.

  • PrestaShop Store ManagerSearchEnhanced

  • In the Preferences, the Cloud Storages tab is renewed. Also, the Test Cloud Connection button has been added.

  • PrestaShop Store Manager Test Cloud Storage

  • Due to the changes in Google security policy (Google Account sign-ins from all embedded frameworks will be blocked starting on January 4, 2021), we’ve changed the authentication method for Cloud Storage to keep integration with Google Spreadsheets working.

  • During category import, if the import file contains incorrect friendly URL, Store Manager will regenerate it.

  • In the Mass Combination Changer grid, all combination attributes are now displayed.

  • PrestaShop Store Manager Mass Combinations Change Enhanced

  • To optimize the work of FTP Task Queue, a number of tries to Upload/Delete images from FTP has been reduced. Also, the processing of errors has been added.

  • In the lower grid, Attachments tab, the column “Original File Name” has been added.

  • PrestaShop Store Manager Attachments Original File Name

  • Manufacturers with the Disabled status can now be assigned to products via import. Also, they are now displayed in the products grid.

  • A new ICEcat integration v. has been added.

  • Store Manager now rounds up prices in orders according to the back office settings.

  • For stores with cyrillic localization, the Export Wizard now filters fields regardless of the letter case.


  • Fixed the display of the discount in the invoice, if the order was created in the back office.

  • Corrected the display of check boxes in the Mass Product Changer.

  • In the Product Import/Export Wizard, the button to refresh Sheet title now works correctly.

  • On some versions of Windows 10, Store Manager was hanging when performing the “Post data to web” command. This issue has been fixed.

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