Discover the Latest Updates of Store Manager for PrestaShop (Changelog)

Great news for PrestaShop store owners. New version of Store Manager for PrestaShop has just been released and is available for download.

We are pleased to present Store Manager for PrestaShop v. and provide the list of enhancements this version delivers.


  • Renewed stable version of eBay Integration ( has just been implemented with the following enhancements:

    • The possibility to add several values for one Item Specifics field during product export to eBay (applies only to the fields for which this is permitted by eBay) has been added in current version of the Integration.
    • Now, eBay Addon allows to filter category list when adding products to a particular listing.

    • Previously, users faced an issue at the step of authorization. It has been fixed in current version of the addon.
    • Users who had cache containing a lot of data, were facing with issue, that the Addon stopped responding during product export to eBay. This inconvenience has been fixed.

  • Starting from current version, Store Manager detects settings that are responsible for category and product URL building.

  • The possibility to export/import product Warehouse Location has been implemented.


  • In some cases, product image was not displayed in POS. This inconvenience has been fixed.

  • Formerly, Store Manager showed only CMS categories. Now, users can work with not only categories, but with CMS pages as well.

  • Previously, identifiers specified at Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields step during import orders were not saved in import configuration. This issue has been corrected.

  • After automated import on Bridge type of connection, in case when `Post after import` option was specified in the import configuration, Store Manager does not ask whether to post changes to web.

  • Earlier, after generating product combinations, supplier was unassigned from products. Now, it is emended and supplier association is kept.

  • Now, when performing Get data from web on Bridge type of connection, Store Manager sends a confirmation message about clearing pending commands only if there are any.

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