Discover the Latest Updates of Store Manager for PrestaShop (Changelog)

Here you can find the detailed list of features, improvements, and fixes the latest version of Store Manager for PrestaShop delivers to its users.

Store Manager for PrestaShop v. – Product Picker Tool


Great news for the PrestaShop users!

We’ve just released a new version of Store Manager for PrestaShop and excited to present you new features, improvements and fixes.

Download new Store Manager for PrestaShop v. to take advantage of the opportunities added.


  • A new tool called “Product Picker” has been added.
  • It allows to pick products in the warehouse by using a barcode scanner or by entering product details manually in the search field. This feature accelerates order picking and allows you to conduct a physical inventory count faster.

    You can search the product by its UPC or EAN code, reference, name. If the actual quantity is different you can enter a number and select an option: add specified quaintity to stock, subtract from stock or set the stock:

    Conducting inventory count, you can create lists for various groups of products:

  • Now it is possible to Send invoices to the customers massively via email.
  • To send invioces, select orders in the grid, launch the “Send message” tool in the toolbar, select a template and tick the check box “Attach Invoice”:

  • Use a new feature to massively assign suppliers to selected products.
  • Select some products in the grid, press the “Product Suppliers” button on the Toolbar and tick the appropriate check box to assign a supplier:

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Extend Updates


  • Store Manager is now compatible with PrestaShop v.

  • A column “Location” has been added in the Orders section, Ordered Products grid. The column will display product Stock Location.

  • It is now possible to drag&drop multiple images in the lower product grid and change their positions accordingly.

  • A new version of eBay Integration with the possibility to export products to eBay Motors US has been added. Also, in the new version, orders from eBay Integration will be imported to the Store Language that was specified in the addon. If the specified language doesn’t exist, orders will be imported to the default language.


  • When using the Assign category option, the Main value wasn’t recorded in the database. This issue has been fixed.

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