PrestaShop Attributes and PrestaShop Groups Management
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PrestaShop Attributes and PrestaShop Groups

Appropriate PrestaShop attribute management can ensure flexibility of e-commerce platform, since using them you can create different models and combinations of your products.

Sometimes people mix up these two notions and treat them as the same things. PrestaShop attribute groups should not be confused with the attributes (attribute options). First, you create attribute groups and then attribute options that will belong to this group. Attribute group is like container that holds all the variations of the characteristic, attribute group represents.

At the frontend attributes are options available for customers to choose from while placing the order for particular product. The easiest example is clothing. Lets say you are selling evening dresses online. The dresses differ in size, color or material, that correspondingly are attribute groups. Size, color or material variations, for example S, M, L are selections that will appear in drop-down at product page.

Find out how to organize your attribute groups in a quick way below.

Adding Attribute Groups and Attributes in Admin

Configuring attributes and groups in PrestaShop back-office, you should accomplish the actions, in the way outlined:

  1. Navigate to Catalog->Attributes & Features in the back-office and press Add new attribute button.
  2. Input attribute group name, public name and set input type for it: drop-down list, radio button, color or texture. Optionally you can provide additional details

Create New Attribute in Backend

  1. Find just created attribute in the list and click on it. It is empty and you have to add values. Press Add new value button and configure option.

Add New Attribute Values in Backend

Analogically you can add necessary attributes and groups in back-office. Nevertheless, we would like to demonstrate you one more way of adding PrestaShop attribute groups and attributes.

Attributes Configuring In Store Manager for PrestaShop

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management.

To manage attributes and groups, open Catalog tab of Store Manager and select Attributes&Groups tab in the main menu. All the attributes and groups are organized within one application section, what makes their management more intuitive.

PrestaShop Attributes and Attribute Groups Section in eMagicOne Store Manager

First of all, create attribute group using “Create Group” button. If you indicated some wrong group or did typo, do not worry, as you can edit or delete group easily using appropriated buttons.

Create New PrestaShop Attribute in eMagicOne Store Manager

There is also the possibility to massively add groups using “Quick add Groups” by typing their names.

Quick Add New PrestaShop Attribute in eMagicOne Store Manager

Further you should create the attribute(s). In case you have created lots of attribute groups, select the one you need to be edited and then press “Add Attribute”. In case you added attributes to a wrong group, delete it and re-do the process.

Add New PrestaShop Attribute Values in eMagicOne Store Manager

You can use “Quick Add Attributes” option for bulk Attribute Values Adding.

Quick Add New PrestaShop Attribute Values in eMagicOne Store Manager

If you do not see changes after they were applied and the list in this section shows the same results as before the alterations, press “Refresh” button to actualize the list.

One more useful feature offered by Store Manager for PrestaShop is the possibility to export the data on PrestaShop attribute groups and Prestashop attributes. If you use this option you will have the chance to get the mentioned information listed in the files of Excel or HTML format. Also, you can add new PrestaShop attribute groups and Prestashop attributes during Products Import

Moreover, using attributes you can create combination (in case you have several attributes), lets say, shirt of size L and color blue. There is also the possibility to generate all unique combinations automatically.

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