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How to Add Watermarks in PrestaShop

Unique product images are one of the factors determining a trustworthy web store. Unfortunately, well-made and accurately processed product photos are often stolen by the managers of other online shops having no desire or possibility to create their own images.

Watermarking is the best solution for protecting your product images from theft. A watermark is put directly on an image, and nobody except you will be able to remove it. This should be something representing your web store, for example company logo or name etc.

How to Add Watermarks to PrestaShop Product Images

Store Manager for PrestaShop includes the function allowing flawless and flexible adding watermarks to PrestaShop product images. Here is how you can proceed with this:

  1. Launch Store Manager and open ‘Preferences’ via Settings or simply pressing F12.
  2. Select ‘Image Watermark’ settings and tick ‘Add image watermark’ box.

  3. Add Watermark at Store Manager Preferences

  4. Press browse button to upload the file containing watermark.

  5. Upload Watermark Image with Store Manager

  6. Set watermark opacity and horizontal and vertical align.
  7. Check ‘Enable to resize watermark’ box for it to be automatically changed according to the selected watermark scale of the total size of the image.

  8. Resize Watermark Image with Store Manager

  9. Press OK.

Keep in mind that in PrestaShop, watermarks can be added only to newly uploaded images. In order to make all of your product images bear the watermark, you should re-upload them. You can export the existing pictures and import them again via the Import wizard simply by clicking through a few steps.

What Should a PrestaShop Watermark Look Like?

Size and Opacity

Making your watermark big and maximally distinct does not seem to be a good idea. It will hide a big part of the main image and will obviously distract users. A relatively small though eye-catching watermark with 50% opacity instead would be the best option.


The best place to put your watermark would be in the corner of an image. Such position will make it be easily noticed but undistracting.

To Sum Up

Watermarking is an effective tool for marking your product images as produced by your company. Bearing a sign presenting your web store your images become invulnerable.

You are welcome to check Store Manager free trial version and take advantage of the possibility to add PrestaShop watermarks to product images in the easiest way. All you would need to do is to simply tick the ‘Enable’ box and upload the watermark picture, that’s it.

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