Export Products by PrestaShop Category from Store Manager
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Export PrestaShop Products From Specific Categories

You can export PrestaShop products by category in just a few clicks. Your product information is put into a CSV file, which you can then use to view your product information, update your products, transfer them to another store etc.

Often there emerges the need to get details on definite goods instead of the whole catalog. For the mentioned purpose you can export PrestaShop products by category. In this article we will walk you through the process, show you the ways to perform export by category and will analyze received file.

Export PrestaShop Products by Category from Back-Office

To start the process, go to Back Office > Catalog > Products. Since we need to get the file with goods from specific categories only, the next step will be to filter goods.

PrestaShop contains native ability to see goods assigned to particular categories. To enable the filter you need to check the box and select desired category from the category tree extended.

To export filtered by category products, you should click on the small export button from top right of the section that lists all the filtered products.

Important: Received CSV file contains only the fields that you see listed in Back Office: id, only cover image, name, reference, only default category, base price, final price, quantity and active status.

What if you need the rest of product data? Or you want to export goods to other format than CSV?

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Export PrestaShop Products by Category

When you open Store Manager you will see that products are placed on the right side and categories on the left. This way, enabling built-in “Filter by selected category”, you can move through categories and subcategories and see belonging to them goods without the need to re-load the page.

Grid Export To Excel, XML or HTML

You can use Export button at products toolbar and you can get the spreadsheet with goods in It takes just one click from you, though in the file you will get only info available in column enabled in products grid.

CSV Export of Necessary Products Details

Exporting products to CSV you can skip enabling any filters before procedure, as it is possible right during the process.

After you have run Product Import/Export wizard, selected filename and its location, it is possible to indicate from which categories to export items.

One more important step is selection of fields with info that you want to see in your file. On the left there are all available fields. Use buttons in the middle (or drag&drop) to move needed ones to the right pane.

You can open received file automatically right after export, checking the corresponding radio button at the last step of import.

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