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PrestaShop Export Products

Making PrestaShop product export flexible is a great plus for merchants. When you have data compiled in the file, you can, for example, easily check the inventory, send it to partners or, what is the most applicable, use it for quick inventory updates. Although, you may hit the wall, since PrestaShop admin offers grid export. It means you can add product fields to the file, available in the grid, namely product name, reference, picture, base price, final price, quantity, status.

So, if it is not enough and you want to expand export capabilities, Store Manager for PrestaShop is the thing. It makes data export adjustable and advantageous without installing any additional modules. Below in this article we are going to outline step-by-step instruction and dwell on the options, that might greatly contribute to further data management.

The merchandise can be exported via comprehensive wizard. It is divided into several steps, each supplemented with directions. Whenever you need to change some settings, you can get back to previous step simply hitting Back button.

Export/Import wizard icon is accessible in Tools>Import/Export>Import/Export Products and on the product toolbar. If you want to export selected products, you may fall back upon corresponding option in product context menu. Press it to start export setup, select Export action in the first window and you will automatically get to the following wizard step.

  1. File name and location, it will be saved to, is the thing to be done on this step. You can choose existing file or create new one by specifying its name

  2. There is the possibility to upload it to FTP. If you enable this option, there will expand extra fields, FTP details should be inputted

  3. The subsequent step expects you to determine what products will be recorded to the file, be it all the products, products from selected categories or filtered products.

  4. Please note, if you want to use filters here, you may create them in advance via product search form or directly at this step, pressing “Create Filter” button on the toolbar

  5. The following wizard step stands for file delimiters and some extra options that help you adjust data export.

    • File delimiters, you specify here, will be used for further file processing. When opening or importing the file back, you need to indicate these very delimiters.
    • Mind detaching characters for multiple values and subvalues of one value. If export file contains these, consider separators, used to detach them.
    • If you select product category for export, you should determine how it will be written to the file. If you need to export IDs of categories, enable this option. To get full category path like Root|Cameras|Digital Cameras check “Export full category path” box

    • You can find “Export parent details” option in this window. How does it influence export file? If you export, for example, product combinations and activate this option, product related details (name, reference, ID etc) will be recorded for each combination. See the difference at screenshots, provided below.

      “Export parent details” is not enabled “Export parent details” is enabled

      Having configured PrestaShop image export and downloadable files export settings, click Next

    • Specify what exactly product related data will be exported. Just double click on necessary field or select multiple ones and drag-and-drop them to the right pane.
    • For more convenience, Store Manager provides groups of fields – product related fields grouped logically, for example attribute groups, features, specific prices, etc. Having selected the group, you will get all related fields listed in the right pane.

    Having checked data on Preview step, you can confirm product export to .csv file.

    Get necessary products and related details recorded to .csv file using Store Manager for PrestaShop export tool.

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