PrestaShop Attachments - Assign Attachments in Bulk
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PrestaShop Attachments. Bulk Assign Attachments to Products

Some shop owners need to provide customers with more information on products they are viewing, not including it as part of the description or separating them out as features. The way-out is to offer it in downloadable files as PrestaShop attachments. Unlike virtual products, they can be freely accessed without the need to register, add the product to cart and proceed to checkout.

Why it might be useful? Imagine that you are selling plants and they all should be looked after in different ways: watered with various regularity, transplanted in different time periods, taken care of with certain specifics. Conscientious shop owners may want to make sure that their customers have some knowledge before completing a transaction. Basically, PrestaShop attachments can be a user guide, a hardware driver, video, media content, license or warranty agreement, or any other file that you provide the buyer without the necessity to register or place the order right away. This way you can show the main advantages of the goods you sell and give customers one more reason to make a purchase.

Store Manager for PrestaShop allows adding different types of documents, audio, and video files to your items. The attached files will be displayed in a new tab on the product page.

The following tutorial will show how to add an attachment to share information with your customer using the Store Manager application.

Adding Attachment Files

Since PrestaShop attachments can be used for many products, they should be first added to the main section ‘Attachment’, which can be found in the Store tab of Ribbon Menu available in Store Manager.

In general, you just need to press “Add Attachment” and fill in the fields in the new window appearing. Indicate filename, description to it, and load the actual file that will be downloaded by end-users.

Edit PrestaShop Products Attachments with Store Manager

Moreover, if you have multiple shops, you can indicate details on attachments in the corresponding language. If necessary, it is also possible to edit or delete selected attachments.

Massively Assigning PrestaShop Attachments to Goods

File attachments can be assigned to products individually as well as in bulk. All the attachment files you have added will be displayed for all the goods in the lower grid, in the section “Attachments”.

To assign a particular attached file you just need to check the box in front of the necessary attachment. Please note, here you will see all the files added in the main section.

Beneficial is the fact that file attachments can be assigned to products in bulk. It is possible in a few clicks. You just need to select the goods and in the lower grid check the boxes that correspond to a particular choice of attachments. You can assign a few attachments to one product if necessary.

Assign Attachments to PrestaShop Products with Store Manager

In case you need to group the products on the basis of some parameter before attachments assigning, you can make use of a wide system of ready-made and custom filters available in Store Manager for PrestaShop –

There is no need to play around with different codes or doing heave core file modifications. The procedure is approachable and is performed in seconds with an easy-to-use desktop solution.

Save your precious time, managing shared documents for hundred of products. Store Manager for PrestaShop provides you with massive functionality empowering file downloads and media content sharing.

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