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Import eBay Orders to PrestaShop

In our previous article, we’ve described how to export your store products to eBay. Now let’s see how to import eBay orders to PrestaShop for the synched products.

With the eBay Integration addon, you can filter the orders that must be imported and upload them via a wizard. Having created a configuration, you’ll be able to run the import in just a few clicks – periodically or whenever necessary.

Steps to Import eBay Orders to PrestaShop

  1. Launch eBay Integration in Store Manager for PrestaShop.
  2. To begin the import, run Store Manager on your computer and launch eBay Integration from the sidebar under “Addons”:

    If you don’t have Store Manager installed yet, download the free trial version and install it on your computer. Connect the application to your store database following the instruction.

    Launch eBay Integration Addon to Import Orders

  3. Run the “Import Orders” Wizard.
  4. In the list of operations, click “Import Orders from eBay”:

    Launch Orders Import

  5. Create Import Configuration.
  6. If you are importing orders for the first time, begin with creating a new configuration.

    Tip You can create as many configurations as you need. For instance, if you are selling in several countries, you may create a configuration to import orders from, say, Spanish eBay, French eBay, etc.

    Create New Configuration

  7. Configure Import Settings.
  8. First, specify a timeframe and order status(es). As eBay hides customer emails after 15 days from the date of original order, you need to instruct the addon how to handle such orders. Specify, whether they must be imported as is or with a generated email like [email protected]. Also, you can create a fake user to whom eBay orders will be assigned.

    And finally, map eBay order details to those in the PrestaShop database: statuses, shipment, and payment methods.

    Order Import Options

  9. Preview Orders and Run the Import.
  10. Look through the orders that will be created in PrestaShop. At this step, you can uncheck some records to skip their import. Also, select the tax configuration at the bottom. When you are ready, press “Import”:

    Preview eBay Orders Before Import

    After the upload has finished, you will see a summary informing what orders were created or updated. If the import of some records failed, there will be a reason so that you could eliminate it yourself or pass the issue to our techs via the email [email protected].

    Order Import Summary

  11. Check Imported eBay orders.
  12. Let’s now view eBay orders in Store Manager. As you can see, they were successfully created. Order ID and Reference were generated by Store Manager upon import:

    Check Imported eBay Orders In Store Manager

Sometimes, the eBay Integration addon won’t populate the “Order Reference” field. Usually, after opening the order details, the Reference will appear.

Use eBay Integration with Store Manager for PrestaShop to import eBay orders and keep all sales data in one place.

Try eBay Order Import with Store Manager at no cost for 14 days

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