Bulk Assign Tax Rules to PrestaShop Products - Store Manager for PrestaShop
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Bulk Assign Tax Rules to PrestaShop Products

Store Manager for PrestaShop provides two incomplex ways to apply taxes to multiple PrestaShop products: using Mass Product Changer tool or via import. We are going to check both methods.

Bulk Assign Tax Rules to PrestaShop Products via Mass Product Changer

Mass Product Changer is one of Store Manager’s incorporated tools that are aimed to speed up bulk product udpates. No special skills are required to operate with Mass Changer. All you have to do is just to select necessary values from the provided dropdowns and press OK.

Find a detailed guide below.

  1. Go to ‘Categories & Products’ section and highlight products whose tax rules you want to configure. Using context menu select ‘Mass Product Changer’ tool from the ‘Mass Changers’ menu.

  2. Apply Tax Rules for PrestaShop Products in Bulk with Store Manager

  3. Switch to ‘Advanced Modifier’ tab and check the ‘Tax Group’ field. Select necessary tax rule from the dropdown. (The dropdown will be inactive untill you check the field).

  4. Bulk Assign Tax Rules in Mass Product Changer with Store Manager

  5. After clicking OK, there will show up a progress bar displying the changes applied.

  6. Check Logs After Mass Products Changer with Store Manager Update

  7. To check if the tax rule was updated for the selected goods, click on a product and select ‘Main Products Properties’ tab in the lower grid. Scroll down to ‘Price’ properties and find the updated tax rule in the corresponding field.

  8. Check Applied Tax Rules in PrestaShop Store Manager

How to Massively Add/ Update Tax Rules by Import?

As you might already know, Store Manager provides the possibility to update data via importing CSV with a minimum number of columns. To be more specific, it is possible to update/ add PrestaShop tax rules having only two columns in the import file including product ID / SKU and its tax rule value.

Check how to proceed through tax rules import using the following tutorial:

  1. Prepare a CSV file with products’ IDs / product name / reference and tax rule values. You can add any other columns, if necessary. Here how your import file can look like:

  2. Update Taxes During Store Manager Import File Example

  3. To start configuring the import settings, go to ‘Categories & Product’ section and launch Import / Export Products wizard.

  4. Launch Import Wizard to Update Tax Rules in Bulk with Store Manager
  5. Select ‘Import’ action.

  6. Select Import Action to Proceed with Products Import in Store Manager

  7. Select the file to upload using the browse button.

  8. Select the File to Import Tax Rules with Store Manager

  9. Select the appropriate delimiters for the CSV columns to be imported correctly.

  10. Select Delimiters and Quote Characters During Store Manager Import

  11. On the next step make sure to select a correct product identification method. The option selected should depend on the product identification value specified in the CSV. After that assign CSV columns to database fields using the dropdowns in each field. You can use the database fields filter for a quick search.

  12. Select Identification Method and Map Database Fields with CSV Columns During Store Manager Import

  13. Look through the last import settings and check or uncheck some of the options, if necessary. Then press Import.

  14. Configure Additional Import Settings with Store Manager

That’s it. Now you can check if the tax rules were correctly updated / added as described in the previous method.

Besides bulk tax application, Store Manager is also capable of multiple other massive product data transformations allowing to speed up store management processes in a huge way. Check more here: PrestaShop Mass Changers

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