How to Bulk Add Specific Prices to PrestaShop Combinations
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How to Bulk Add Specific Prices to PrestaShop Combinations

Specific price in PrestaShop is quite a flexible way to generate discounts and create pleasant promotions for your customers. They apply to products as well as to variations, created via attribute combinations. If your store sells these, you will surely like the idea to bulk add specific prices to PrestaShop combinations instead of their manual input.

Bulk Added Specific Prices for PrestaShop Products With Combinations

Store Manager for PrestaShop allows you to massively associate specific prices with combinations in two way and these ways are outlined below.

PrestaShop Catalog Price Rules

Store Manager for PrestaShop supports catalog price rules and arranges them in Administration->Catalog Price Rules section.

Product attribute is one of conditions used to generate price reductions. Whenever you aim at providing discount to specific product color or size, it will apply to all combinations, having these attribute values assigned, until you limit them by other conditions, for example category.

We are going to create PrestaShop catalog price rule to set 15% off for all silver color shoes.

  1. Navigate to Catalog Price Rules section of Store Manager.

  2. Press Add Price Rule button on the toolbar to access price rule edit form.

  3. Inset catalog price rule name and set all fields according to your requirements, input reduction value and type (amount and percentage), assign customer groups for which this reduction will be available.

  4. Add New Price Rule for Combinations with Store Manager

  5. Adjust conditions in the lower grid.

  6. Add Conditions for PrestaShop Price Rule for Combinations with Store Manager

  7. Click Generate button on the toolbar to finish rule configuring.

  8. Generate Specific Prices for selected Catalog Price Rule with Store Manager

Once the rule is created, all combination having ‘silver’ color attribute assigned will acquire specific price.

Import PrestaShop Specific Prices to Combinations

To bulk add specific price to PrestaShop combinations you can fall back upon Store Manager import functionality. It lets you assign/update price reductions for all necessary product variations in several clicks only.

In order to import discounts, you should follow .csv file pattern, we attach below.

PrestaShop Specific Price for Combinations Import File Example

The file contains the following details:

  1. Reference – in this column you should indicate reference of product, combinations belong to;
  2. Specific Price: Combination ID – this column keeps IDs of combinations, you are going to assign specific prices to;
  3. Specific Price: Shop ID – assign specific price to definite shop;
  4. Specific Price: Country ID – in this column you need to provide ID of country that will be affected;
  5. Specific Price: Group ID – insert ID of customer group, specific price will be available for;
  6. Specific Price: Product Price – leave “-1” in the field to calculate price reduction from base product price;
  7. Specific Price: Starting At – if you want to create quantity-based; discounts for product combinations, in this column of .csv file you need to specify how many items customer should purchase to get the reduction;
  8. Specific Price: Reduction/Specific Price: Reduction Type – these columns of .csv file require you to specify discount value and type (amount or percentage);
  9. Specific Price: From/Specific Price: To – designate timeframe for specific prices, period of time, discounts will be available.

Once you have prepared the file, you can bulk add specific prices to PrestaShop combinations importing it. Run usual import procedure and configure settings like it is described in the post – How to Import Specific Prices to PrestaShop

Bulk Add PrestaShop Specific Price to Combinations Mapping During Import

We have performed the import and specific prices stored in the file, have been assigned to combinations.

PrestaShop Specific Prices After Import Check in Store Manager

Save time managing and maintaining specific prices with Store Manager for PrestaShop. Entice more customers and ensure positive shopping experience offering price reductions for product combinations.

Add Specific Prices to PrestaShop Combinations in Bulk Add Now

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