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How to Make Bulk Updates of Specific Prices

Creating specials is always an apt marketing maneuver that draws customers’ interest and helps drive sales. One can add special rules via PrestaShop specific prices and create discounts in this way. Nevertheless, there oftentimes comes the necessity to update specific prices due to some reason, be it a seasonal change or discount amount.

Store Manager for PrestaShop facilitates price management and allows to quickly update existing specials in bulk via import. It is being carried out via product import wizard and below in this article we are going to outline detailed tutorial, you can fall back upon to renew specific prices en masse.

Configuring the File

First and foremost thing you should consider when updating specific prices is the import file. To get specific price updated, you need to organize data in the file according to all the requirements.

When you create specific price in PrestaShop, you specify time frame, the discount will work within, number of items one should order to get the price work, discount type and amount, assign it to specific shop, etc.

Respectively, your should include these details into the import file and provide product identifier so that the system will recognize products, prices should be updated for. You can provide other product details, if you want to renew some, but it is not obligatory for specific price update.

This is sample of file, used to renovate quantity discounts for several products. As you can see, we use product ID as identifier. The first product has three specific price records assigned, each taking separate row in the file accordingly. The other products has one specific price assigned each.

*To get accurately organized import file, you just need to export specific prices for desired products, change details and import the file to PrestaShop.

Import Settings

Data appending runs as usual via product import wizard and you can use this instruction to load data successfully – www.prestashopmanager.com/useful-articles/prestashop-product-management/prestashop-import-products

Pay attention to fields mapping step and make sure file columns are linked to appropriate database fields. On this step you should also select product identifier, the one provided in the file, data are imported from.

One more thing not to be missed is that, you have to check “Delete specific prices before import”, otherwise new specific prices will be added to the products.

Specific Prices for PrestaShop Combinations

If you have product coming in variations, you might need to set specific prices for combinations. Analogically to the case, described above, the import file must contain specific price details, including Specific Price:Combination ID field.

Look at the screenshot below

We added product ID to the file and will use it as product identifier. The file contains specific prices for several combinations, all refer to one product.

Designating import settings, consider product identifier, field mapping and, of course, enable “Delete specific prices before import” action on the last step of PrestaShop import wizard.

Comprehensive price management is guaranteed with Store Manager for PrestaShop. It helps eliminate monotonous data handling operations and save time bypassing manual data update.

Need to create specific prices via catalog price rules? Detailed step-by-step tutorial is provided in the article –


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