Update PrestaShop Warehouse Stock for Products Via Import
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Update PrestaShop Warehouse Stock Via Import

Whenever Advanced Stock Management is activated at your store, you have an opportunity to heedfully manage PrestaShop warehouse stock. To avoid stockouts in warehouses you have, respectively, to replenish product quantity in time. Store Manager for PrestaShop introduces such a possibility and allows to update stocks per warehouse in bulk via import.

Note: that Stock management system was rebuilt at PrestaShop 1.7, so for the newer version, this option is not available in Store Manager as well. This tutorial covers ASM for PrestaShop 1.6.x.

Below we provide step-by-step guides on the whole process of update PrestaShop stock in warehouse procedure performed with the Store Manager for PrestaShop.

Important: The stock update outlined in this tutorial concerns PrestaShop stores with ASM enabled. Please, check how to enable Advanced Stock Management – How to Set Up PrestaShop Advanced Stock Management and Track Inventory With It: Step by Step Instructions

Update Warehouse Stock: Pre-Import Tasks

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

In order to import quantities to warehouses, you must get acquainted with file patterns. Let’s have a look at the sample extract and analyze the file structure.

PrestaShop Warehouse Import File Example

*Required Fields:
  1. Product identifier – in the process of update PrestaShop stock in warehouse procedure fulfilling you have to identify products using one of the suggested identifiers (reference, ID (update only), reference and product name, EAN, product name). Make sure the identifier is present in the file you use for import.
  2. Advanced Stock Management – assign the product to ASM indicating 1 in this field.
  3. Depends on stock – this option should be enabled for products if their stock is based on a warehouse. Specify 1 for each product in this field.
  4. Warehouse – specify warehouse, the stock will be updated in, for each product in the import file. Each product takes a separate row in the import file if you update the quantity for one warehouse only. Whenever an item is assigned to several warehouses, their names and stock are indicated in the next rows.
  5. Warehouse quantity – provide usable quantity in the file.

Enumerated fields are responsible for stock update, thus if you update existing products, you can import these details only. Additionally, we have category, price, status, position, manufacturer. You may import any product related details as well.

You can get a file template by exporting existing products or downloading a sample file Get File!

Import Guidelines

Store Manager for PrestaShop import tool is packed with features that are specifically designed to make managing your products a positive experience instead of a hassle.

Tip: Import is a bulk procedure that changes all your product information. If you append large product quantities, it is recommended to have a backup copy without the modifications so that you can put things back in case something goes wrong.

In order to update PrestaShop warehouse stock, you should run the usual data transfer via import. All the import peculiarities, recommendations and instructions are outlined in this article – PrestaShop Import: How to Perform Product Upload from CSV File to PrestaShop. To help you successfully update stock, we mention import wizard settings you should pay attention to.

1. Matching Import Fields.

One of the configurations preceding data input through import is fields associating. Set correspondence between database fields and .csv file columns. Make sure details, responsible for PrestaShop warehouse stock update, are linked as well and correct identifier is determined.

Assign Warehouse During PrestaShop Products Import

Important: The usable quantity is updated via import. Since usable quantity is actually a part of the physical quantity, the last will be changed automatically.

2. Specifying Import Options.

The last step of the import wizard offers you multiple configurations to adjust. Determine the import method, product and category options if necessary.

PrestaShop Warehouse Import Options Step

Consider ‘Increment existing quantity’ checkbox at this step. If it is disabled, product quantity in a certain warehouse will be overwritten. For example, there were 10 items in stock, in the file you have 15 indicated and this option is disabled, you will get 15 items in a warehouse after import. If the option is enabled, stock will be increased by the value specified in the file and 25 items will be available in the warehouse.

Store Manager for PrestaShop eliminates all the hassles of daily routines and makes inventory management fluent.

Update PrestaShop Warehouse Stock FREE with Store Manager Update Stock Now

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