Transfer Stock Between PrestaShop Warehouses - Inventory Management
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How to Transfer Stock Between PrestaShop Warehouses

Having Advanced Stock Management (further used ASM) functionality enabled allows you to smartly arrange product inventory within PrestaShop warehouses. You can specify the warehouse products or combinations belong to and easily track stock movements within each of warehouses.

Storing inventory in several locations, you might need to transfer it between them. Store Manager allows you to transfer PrestaShop warehouse stock and records all stock changes in corresponding ASM section. Below in this article we continue to describe how ASM is organized in Store Manager. To be more precise, here are step-by-step instructions outlining how to accomplish warehouse quantity displacement.

Please note, Store Manager supports ASM functionality starting from v.

In order to transfer stock from between warehouses, you are supposed to proceed with the following:

  1. Navigate to Stock->Stock Management in Store Manager. All the products, you have at PrestaShop, are listed here.

  2. Select a product or combination, quantity of which will be transferred to another warehouse.

  3. Click Transfer button either in the context menu or on the toolbar.

  4. Set the following fields, depending on your needs:
    • Employee – choose the employee, engaged to transfer PrestaShop warehouse stock from the dropdown;
    • Quantity to transfer – specify number of products, you want to replace;
    • Usable for sale – if you are transfer usable for sale quantity, enable this checkbox. If you leave it unchecked, non-usable product quantity will be considered and value, you enter in the field above, will be subtracted from non-usable stock;
    • Source Warehouse – select the warehouse, stock will be transferred from;

    • Usable for sale – the second option with this title relates to the warehouse you transfer stock to. Select type of quantity to be replenished – usable or not usable. If you check Usable for Sale box, you will add current value to usable (as well as physical) quantity. Whenever you need to add transferred number of products to non-usable quantity, do not check this option.
    • Destination warehouse – choose the warehouse to transfer stock to.
  5. Confirm stock transfer when all the fields are configured.

You can check transfer logs in Stock Movement section of Store Manager or below in corresponding tab of the lower grid.

Arrange your PrestaShop inventory within warehouses and keep it under control, change stock location and track all the movements easily.

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