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Advanced Stock Management

If you are using PrestaShop 1.5.x and would like to manage stock in more details and on the deeper level, try Advanced Stock Management feature.

However, you might ask what exactly is Advanced Stock Management and how it can be useful for you?

You might say that you are already managing your inventory and Prestashop stock levels, setting quantity for each available at your store product and combination and everything is working perfectly good. That is right, by default in PrestaShop it is set to specify available quantities for entities manually.

So why you might need PrestaShop Advanced Stock Management and how to be sure that for your particular store it is necessary?

This feature allows to manage and view stock and its movement, coverage and the history of any inventory changes from the same program used to manage your products. With this helpful feature you can bring a piece of accounting to your shop and see visualized when the stock was changed, who did it and how it was modified (increased/ decreased or transferred). In plain there you will see detailed logging showing extra information on how the stock was changed.

This feature will definitely be useful for those users of PrestaShop

  • who have one or more storage places (warehouses) and you need to keep a track of products from specific warehouses;
  • who are working with a few suppliers, in this case you have same or similar products from multiple suppliers and you need to make sure how many products you have from specific supplier;
  • who have multiple staff members who change inventory regularly and you want to keep an eye on what they are changing and how;
  • who need extra information on product flow to make business decisions, etc.

This feature you might not need if you:

  • do not manage your stock yourself and have some accountant
  • manage inventory using some other external accounting system,
  • are currently satisfied with way you manage product inventory,
  • you are the only person who manage the store and you do not need any extra information.

In any case, if you need more statistics about your stock and warehouses you are welcome to enable Advanced Stock Management in your admin panel and give it a try.

Read detailed instructions on how to enable PrestaShop Advanced Stock Management and use it to handle inventory of your goods on more profound manner and get detailed logging of all the operations related to stock changes –

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