Export/Import PrestaShop Product Warehouse Location
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Export/Import PrestaShop Product Warehouse Location

Managing PrestaShop store is a time-consuming procedure when it comes to operating a shop with a big number of goods. Adding a product warehouse location eases this process in a good number of hours. Having the possibility to create such kind of data feeds would greatly help merchants to easily find the exact product storage, depending on the parts his/her warehouse is divided into (zones, areas, shelves, etc.) when packing the orders before delivery. Store Manager for PrestaShop v.2.44 and higher allows to export/import PrestaShop product warehouse location along with other product-related details to simplify store administration process.

How Can PrestaShop Product Warehouse Location Be Exported To The CSV File?

To perform PrestaShop product warehouse location export – launch Import/Export Products Wizard in the available in the toolbar of Store Manager application.

For more convenience, beforehand, you can search products with the help of advanced filters by some criteria or even customize the existing ones with specific parameters and export only the needed list of goods.

Go through several steps of Products Import/Export Wizard: specify filename and location the data will be exported to, select fields delimiter characters and choose the needed fields for export. At the Select Fields to be Exported step, the application allows to add the group of Warehouse Data fields for more handy product export. Thus, merchant will receive the necessary information, such as a warehouse, the product is assigned to, its quantity in it and product warehouse location itself.

At the last step, you can choose the Open result file option to check the outcome immediately.

Detailed guide on how to export PrestaShop products can be checked here – Export PrestaShop PrestaShop using Store Manager

Add Product Warehouse Location And Upload The Existing Ones Via Import

In case you use Store Manager to export/import PrestaShop product warehouse location for product data transfer, for example, from one store to another, there are a few points to pay attention to.

Import of PrestaShop product warehouse location requires some obligatory fields to be properly added via Import/Export Wizard. Except of the product-related details you are going to upload, consider the following ones:

  • Product identifier – select Reference, Product Name, Reference and Product Name, EAN or UPC, your products will be identified by Store Manager during import process;

  • Warehouse – specify the exact name of the warehouse you have created previously and where you are going to upload PrestaShop product warehouse location;

  • Warehouse Location itself (the area, zone, shelf, etc. your products are or will be located in).

  • If you are updating the products, that already exist at your PrestaShop store, you may use product ID as an identifier.

    Import Product Warehouse Location Settings

    1. Start Products Import/Export Wizard and run usual steps, choosing the file you have previously prepared for warehouse location upload.

    2. Make sure you have indicated delimiter characters that are used as separators in your file.
    3. At the Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields, map the .csv file columns to the corresponding database fields. If they have identical names – they will be auto-filled. Pinpoint the Identify Methods depending on whether you are adding new PrestaShop products or updating the existing ones.

    4. At the Import Options step, pay attention to the Import Method.

    That’s it! After you are done with import – you may check the result in Store Manager.

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