Mass Assign PrestaShop Products to Warehouses, Specifying Storage Location
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Mass Assign PrestaShop Products to Warehouses, Specifying Storage Location

If you are using Advanced Stock Management with a few storage places, you need to go through every product to assign PrestaShop products to warehouses and define the locations.

Store Manager for PrestaShop allows managing warehouse associations for your products in bulk. This way you don’t need to spend hours browsing between each product to manage alliances with storage places and can save a lot of time!

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to massively associate the nearest warehouse for each product and its combinations, easily add multiple warehouse associations in bulk and indicate product location in the warehouse. All of these operations can be performed using import via Store Manager for PrestaShop.

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

Prepare File for Warehouse Association and Item Location

In case you need to associate one product per warehouse and specify its location, for that you need to list the following fields:

  • Warehouse – in this field put your warehouse name. It should be exactly the same as you indicated configuring warehouse settings.
  • Location – type in there some meaningful info for you, like on which shelf you keep your product, so you easily could find it when packing your orders.
  • Advanced Stock Management – this field with the value ‘1’ should be included if you want to use ASM for this product.
  • Reference (or ID for update) – includes identifier field that will be used to check if the products are new ones. You can also use other unique identifiers as Name+Reference, UPC, EAN, supplier reference.

To assign the product to a few warehouses, you need to include them in another line (each warehouse in a new line) under the same product.

Assign PrestaShop Products to Warehouses File

If you have product with combinations that come from different warehouses, you also need to include in your file related fields, like:

  • Combination Reference – that will serve as an identifier for combinations.

This way you will be able to specify the warehouse per variation. Each one is listed as a separate row.

Assign PrestaShop Products Combinations to Warehouses File

Assign PrestaShop Products to Warehouses via Import

Now when the file is ready and warehouse relations are indicated for necessary goods, you can upload them in a few simple clicks.

  1. Run Product Import/Export Wizard -> Import.

  2. Assign PrestaShop Products to Warehouses During Import with Store Manager

  3. Select the file you have prepared previously.

  4. Select the File to Import Warehouses with Store Manager

  5. Make sure that on preview columns and info in them look properly. Otherwise, change the delimiter symbol.

  6. Select Fields Delimiters During PrestaShop Warehouses Import with Store Manager

  7. Link CSV columns to database fields. Use the auto mapping function if your headings are identical to DB names.

  8. Assign CSV Columns to Database Fields During PrestaShop Products Import with Store Manager

  9. Configure the import method and proceed with the upload.

  10. PrestaShop Warehouses Import Options with Store Manager

    After the process ends, you will see logs and then can check the results.

    If you are also interested in synchronization of warehouse quantities with the advanced stock management system of Prestashop, check our related articles.

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