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PrestaShop Category Management

PrestaShop categories help store owners organize products into meaningful groups and represent store catalog in easy-to-navigate form. Unparalleled categories management becomes more demanded when number of categories, subcategories and products at PrestaShop store is increasing.

This section provides you with informative articles on smooth store categories arranging.

Store Manager for PrestaShop helps you out and offers scope of operations possible over PrestaShop categories, that ensure their flawless and fast administrating.

Categories Management Capabilities

Wide Range of Simple Operations

Array of simple operations disposed on categories toolbar allows to instantaneously create new categories/subcategories, modify existing or delist unnecessary ones. You may also use copy/paste technique to add new categories/subcategories to your store.

PrestaShop Import of Categories

Built-in Import Wizard tool foresees accurate PrestaShop import of categories performing. Don’t waste your time manually adding numerous categories and subcategories – append categories and data associated to them via import functionality – build hierarchical category tree within short span of time.

PrestaShop Categories Export

Export categories and details on them to CSV, TXT files via Store Manager Export Wizard – derive categories and related information listed in the file just in several clicks.

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