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Customize PrestaShop Product Grid Adding Extra Columns to It

More and more online entrepreneurs make a request for PrestaShop product grid customization. Yes, it is far more convenient when you can display more fields in the back-office, since additional fields contribute to data handling and optimize this process significantly.

Nevertheless, PrestaShop admin does not allow to change grid view, adding or removing some columns to/from it. By default the backoffice includes the following fields: product ID, photo, name, reference, category, base price, final price, quantity, status. You can, certainly, fall back upon coding, if you are good at it, and programmatically customize back-end or experience all the conveniences of data management, having Store Manager for PrestaShop at hand.

Store Manager is more approachable in terms of product grid customization and lets instantly enable or hide the columns. How you can do this and what benefits it brings to product management is outlined below in this publication.

To get entire list of fields, that can be displayed in the grid, click on the icon, provided in the same row, column titles are. There will expand the enumeration of fields with checkboxes, among which

  • Product ID
  • Image/li
  • Default Category ID
  • Status
  • Category
  • Name
  • Reference
  • Wholesale Price
  • Supplier Reference
  • Advanced Stock Management
  • Base Price
  • Price with Tax
  • Margin
  • Quantity
  • Out of Stock
  • Is Vitrual
  • On Sale
  • EAN13
  • UPC
  • Location
  • Weight
  • Eco-tax
  • Indexed
  • Date Add
  • Date Update
  • Manufacturer
  • Supplier
  • Position

  • As you have already understood, to add the column and get its data displayed in the product grid, you just need to check its box. Check the screenshot provided below.

    Respectively, in case some columns are of no use temporarily and you do not want to accumulate data, uncheck the box and it will disappear from the grid.

    Why Could Customized Grid Be Advantageous?

    As it has been stated already, enabling non-default fields in PrestaShop product grid can greatly simplify product management and make it of straightforward character.

    Create Diverse Filters

    Store Manager for PrestaShop allows to sort products by any of column heading. Furthermore, there is the possibility to add custom filters and use it for quick merchandise access. It follows from this, that the more columns you can add to the grid, the more filtering options you have. In order to configure custom filter, enable desired field and click on the icon just beside its title. Select Custom from the drop-down and designate conditions for the filter.

    Once you confirm it and it is applied you can proceed with more advanced filter adjustment clicking on Customize button, as it is shown below.

    Bulk Product Edits

    So, you have configured the filter and got the listings requested for. It is possible to update them (price, inventory, status, manufacturer, etc) via Mass Product Changer.

    Modify Details In the grid Directly

    Store Manager facilitates quick product editing, you can alter some details, e.g. change status, base price, EAN13, name, reference, wholesale price, set or disable ‘On Sale’ status, mark product as virtual. Just put necessary item into the focus, click on the field to be modified and change its value.

    Adjust Data Export

    Using PrestaShop Store Manager you can take advantage of data export via special export wizard or resort to grid export and get merchandise listed in xsl, html or xml file in seconds. Fields, enabled in product grid, will be exported, so if you need enable some to get their values transferred to the file or disable if these are not necessary.

    Adjust PrestaShop product grid and accelerate product management with the help of Store Manager for PrestaShop.

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