What To Check If PrestaShop Carriers Are Not Available At Checkout
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2018-06-26 2017-02-06
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What to Check If PrestaShop Carriers Are Not Available At Checkout?

Oftentimes merchants find themselves in quite a frustrated situation, since PrestaShop carriers, they have been configured thoroughly, do not display at the checkout. Instead of desired carrier selections, this page displays “There is no carrier that delivers to the address you selected”, “The product selection can not be delivered by the available carrier(s). Please amend your cart” error messages or simply some shippers are excluded from the list.

What would you proceed with if such an issue happens? What could prevent the carrier from being available? Below in this article you can find possible reasons and ways out that can shorten time spent on investigation when PrestaShop carriers do not display at shipping configuration step.

1) Carrier Is Inactive

PrestaShop carrier status is the first thing you should consider. Logically, being disabled, it will not be available for shipping. Check status in carrier grid and, if it is disabled, click on icon to activate it and get displayed for clients.

2) Incorrect Zone Assign or Country Disabled

Zone association is among the first things to check if created carrier does not show for specific shopper. When configuring PrestaShop carrier you are supposed to assign it to zones, this very carrier can deliver parcels within. If carrier is not assigned to the zone, customer address belongs to, then it will not show as delivery method at the checkout.

If zone associations match, but PrestaShop carrier still does not show, you need to check whether necessary countries are enabled for this zone. Navigate to Localization->Countries, select corresponding zone from dropdown and check inactive countries.

3) Carrier Is Not Allowed for Customer Group

This detail might easily be skipped, since you can have hundreds and thousands of customers, belonging to various customer groups. If some customer belongs to the group that is not served by current shipper, it will not be offered as delivery method for this customer.

Consequently, customer group association matters and you should check:

  1. Which group current shopper belongs to (Customers->Edit Customer->Group Access)
  2. Which groups necessary carrier works with (open carrier in edit mode->open Size, Weight and Group Access tab->check Group Access)

4) Weight or Price Ranges Are Not Specified

Creating PrestaShop carrier you usually define billing cost for each by one of criteria: order price or weight. Having selected suitable method, you need to create ranges and set prices for them. In case ranges are not created, “The product selection can not be delivered by the available carrier(s). Please amend your cart” message will display at shipping step for customer.

To fix the inconvenience, add weight/price ranges for desired carriers. To manage doing this, enable carrier editing, step to “Shipping locations and costs” tab in wizard and create at least one range.

5) Package Dimensions Are Out of Range

If all above listed settings are configured properly but still PrestaShop carrier does not display at the checkout, you have to compare package dimensions with maximum dimensions PrestaShop carrier can handle. If package goes beyond these limits, carrier can’t ship it and, respectively will not display as delivery method.

To check maximum height, width, depth, weight of package, shipper can deliver to your customer, open carrier in edit mode and move to “Size, weight and group access” tab.

6) Carrier Is Not Assigned to Warehouse

In case Advanced Stock Management is used for inventory tracking at your store, you should include this point into the checklist. Due to PrestaShop requirement, carrier must be activated for the warehouse, if product quantity is being handled via Advanced Stock Management.

Contrariwise no delivery methods will display. “There is no carrier that delivers to the address you selected” message will show for customers and they will not be able to complete ordering To solve this, just check warehouse associations and make sure necessary carriers are linked (Stock->Warehouses->Edit Warehouse->Carriers).

In order to make carrier setup less time consuming and get delivery methods displayed instantly, check the points we have covered and consider them in advance.

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