Generate Prestashop Shipping Labels for Products
2019-09-11 2014-10-14
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Generate Barcode Labels for Your PrestaShop Products

Barcodes can be found on each product. If you look into your fridge or pantry right now, you will find that just about everything you bought in a store has a bar code printed on it.

What are Barcode Labels?

PrestaShop shipping labels are merely a number of small horizontal lines with a number under each. They hold a lot of data to identify products. This information can be read and decoded with a barcode scanner.

Why to Use Barcodes?

When scanning a product at cash register there appears important info, which is usually product name and price. Thus, this speeds up the procedure as you do not have to manually input the details.

For businesses however, barcodes play even more critical function for they are used to maintain a proper inventory tracking. Product labels ‘communicate’, since they convey products branding and sales message. That is why more and more merchants are choosing barcode labels that can be printed or scanned for fast product identification.

Types of PrestaShop Shipping Labels

Barcode labels can be used for inner purposes, like easier checkup of goods, as well as for external ones – delivery to your clients.

In both of these cases you can use different labels with different info. For your own purposes you can use labels that suite your needs, there are no specific requirements. However, when it comes to packages shipping, you need to create professional-looking labels with nationally-standardized barcode used.

Barcode labels sticked on products have special numbers on them. These are not just random digits, this is a code assigned to product in appropriate government institutions. The code given to product is unique and is used for product identification worldwide. It holds the info that helps to retrieve products’ origin. If you input the code in Google search, you will receive results concerning the item the code is assigned to.

International codes used for barcodes can be different – UPC, EAN13, ISBN or other standard number depending on your needs and location.

How to Generate and Print Barcode Labels?

Store Manager for PrestaShop offers you the possibility to print shipping labels that can be used for your internal-business purposes as well as for attaching on package you are going to deliver.

If you need to use labels to faster recognize your products and for inner business purposes only, it is possible to generate the PrestaShop shipping labels on the basis of product IDs.

Store Manager for PrestaShop allows to generate the ones on the basis of product EAN code (this field should be filled for the product).

The procedure is really easy and requires you to perform only 3 simple steps:

  1. Select products for which you need to generate barcode labels.

  2. Right-click at any of selected entities and from the context menu appearing select Reports -> Barcode Labels (Sample Report)

  3. Get the sheet of labels and print them out.

What Information Barcode Labels Hold?

  • product name
  • price
  • barcode generated with the help of EAN code (if absent – product ID)
  • reference

Generate barcode labels in bulk for all your catalog. Professionally looking shipping labels with accurate and complete information will help you to make your business more productive. Generate barcode labels in seconds with Store Manager for PrestaShop –

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Carlos S.
Carlos S. • 02/08/2019

How about combinaciones? Can i make labels for them with PrestaShop Manager?

PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Carlos S. • 02/08/2019

Hello, Carlos!
Thank you for your question.
Yes, you can generate barcode labels for products with combinations as well. To do so, select the needed product and via the context menu go to Reports / Combinations Barcode Labels (Sample Report) option.

Armin Moqadan
Armin Moqadan • 11/09/2019

I’m testing prestashop manager, and my question is how can I set product_ID + (reference or attributes) as barcode ?

PrestaShop Store ManagerMod Armin Moqadan • 02/08/2019

Hello, Armin!
Thank you for your question.
As you might know, product barcode can only consist of figures (see the screenshot). If this requirement is ok in your case, e.i. the generated barcodes based on product ID + reference / attributes will consist only of figures, we can help you out with our Advanced Report development service.