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Generate Barcode Labels for Your PrestaShop Products

Barcodes are something that most of us really often come across, but never think about them and usually take for granted. They are found on each consumer product. If you look in your fridge or pantry right now, you will find that just about every package you see has a bar code printed on it. In fact, nearly every item that you buy in a grocery shop, supermarket or superstore has a barcode on it.

What are Barcode Labels?

Barcode labels are merely a number of dashes, combined narrow and wider bars. They are holding considerable amounts of data they come with and this information can be read and decoded by barcode scanner. Barcode labels are the most popular way to identify products, and packages.

Why to Use Barcodes?

At the check-out line simply scanning the product at cash register appears important info – usually product name and price. This, this speeds up the procedure as you do not have to manually input the details.

For businesses however, barcodes play even more critical function. Barcodes can determine everything from maintaining the proper inventory tracking. Product labels “communicate”, since they convey products branding and sales message. That is why more and more people are choosing barcode labels that you can print&use for scanning and fast product identification.

Types of Barcode Labels

Barcode labels can be used for inner purposes, like easier checkup of goods, as well as for external ones – delivery to your clients.

In both of these cases you can use different labels with different info. For your own purposes you can use labels that suite your needs, there are no specific requirements. However, when it comes to pachanges shipping, you need to create professional-looking labels with nationally-standardized barcode used.

Barcode labels sticked on products have special numbers on them. These are not just random digits, this is code assigned to product in appropriate government institutions (exist all over the world). The code given to product is absolutely unique and is used for product identification worldwide. It holds the info that helps to retrieve products’ origin. If you type in the numbers in Google search you will find identically the same item as you are holding.

International codes used for barcodes can be different – UPC, EAN13, ISBN or other standard number depending on your needs and location.

How to Generate and Print Barcode Labels?

Store Manager for PrestaShop offers you the possibility to print shipping labels that can be used for your internal-business purposes as well as for attaching on package you are going to deliver.

If you need to use labels to faster recognize your products and are planning to use them for inner business purposes only, it is possible to generate the labels on the basis of product ID.

In case you need the labels to track shipments and stock, you need labels that can be recognized and read world or nationwide. Store Manager for PrestaShop allows to generate the ones on the basis of product EAN code (this field should be filled for the product).

The procedure is really easy and requires from you 3 simple steps:

  1. Select products for which you need to generate barcode labels.

  2. Right-click at any of selected entities and from the context menu appearing select Reports -> Barcode Labels (Sample Report)

  3. Get the sheet of labels and print them out.

What Information Barcode Labels Hold?

  • product name
  • price
  • barcode generated with the help of EAN code (if absent – product ID)
  • reference

Generate barcode labels in bulk for all your catalog. Professional looking shipping labels with accurate and complete information will help you a lot in increasing of the productivity of your business. Generate them in seconds with Store Manager for PrestaShop –