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2018-11-07 2016-09-26
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This Is a Chance for Bright PrestaShop Inventory Management

PrestaShop inventory is one of the most significant parts of win-to-win store management scheme. Why stock management is of great importance? What does it bring to online merchants and why should they develop ever-improving system of PrestaShop stock control? Keep reading and you will find our answers to these questions.

PrestaShop Inventory Management Scheme

Inventory is dilatable concept of knowing, analysing and in-time updating quantity of your products, their availability and control of stock movements.

Automate and centralize all inventory-related tasks in one place, using Store Manager for PrestaShop application.

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Fast Access to Stock Levels

With Store Manager for PrestaShop you can view products quantity, stock status, check whether advanced stock management is enabled right from the product grid. This is very convenient, since there is no need to open edit products form to see inventory details.

Moreover, in case your products have combinations, you can view stock levels for variations in the ‘Quantities’ tab of lower grid. Thus, again, moving through product list you can control and manage inventory for selected goods. Out of stock products are struck out, so you could see them right away

Manual Update of Available Quantities

As was mentioned above, in the lower grid you can view and manage available product and combination quantities. Here you can also indicate if you want manage stock for this product on the basis of warehouse quantity or specify available number of items yourself.

Advanced Stock Management

PrestaShop 1.5 higher has Advanced Stock Management (ASM) functionality allowing you to manage your stock more deeply. It is optional and not enabled by default. The merchants who activated it in their stores can manage products by a specific warehouse, check stock movements, coverage and view inventory changes through clear and specific interfaces.

In Store Manager for PrestaShop you can active usages advanced stock management for products and assign them to warehouses either one-by-one in the lower grid or in bulk using Mass Product Changer tool.

Bulk PrestaShop Inventory Updates via Mass Product Changer

If you need to add some number of items to existing stock levels or set the same quantity for a list of goods, you can do it massively via Mass Products Changer.

Select goods you want to change stock levels for, from product toolbar or context menu choose Mass Changers -> Mass Product Changer. There you can modify quantity by setting fixed value or adding some amount of goods to existing levels.

Export/Import for Stock Updates

In case stock levels to be updated differ from product to product, the best way to update them will be import. Store Manager for Magento supports multiple file formats, so you can use CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, TXT and ODS spreadsheets. So you can use any from the listed formats. Moreover, you can include only 2 columns in your file: reference (or other identifier) and quantity.

Automated Stock Replenishment From Supplier

Starting from version 2.27.1 version of Store Manager and higher, the ability to set up scheduled inventory updates directly from supplier is available free in the app.

Automated Product Import addon allows to configure import from remote files (using the link to file or feed taken directly from supplier’s FTP). This import configuration can be scheduled to run each predefined period of time – you decide the time and regularity.

Stockage via Barcode Scanner

One of important parts of inventory management is checking if your physical stock matches the one indicated at website. To easy the procedure of stock-taking is possible using barcode scanner and Store Manager for PrestaShop.

You will be able simply to scan a barcode, quickly find item in your catalog, see its quantity and make necessary corrections.

Syncing with Other Sales Channels And Accounting Systems

If you are selling goods at different marketplaces apart from your online store, you can keep track of their inventory at once place. Synchronize product quantities at your PrestaShop store with listings on Amazon, eBay and Etsy and get all sales in one place to keep full control over stock from one system.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Make a real analysis of your actions, sales, leftovers, and incomings. Get a snapshot of your current product inventory products and its approximate valuation using sock movements section of application and Store Manager reports.

Highly-effective PrestaShop inventory control premises for arising full-feature PrestaShop shopping mall which will handle thousands of products. Maintain “financial health” of your e-store with optimal software – Store Manager for PrestaShop.

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