Update PrestaShop Inventory Having Only 2 Columns in Import File
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Update PrestaShop Inventory Having Only 2 Columns in Import File

As the number of products in your store grows, it’s becoming cumbersome to manually update PrestaShop inventory levels. Import to PrestaShop is the way to perform this task faster.

This tutorial will guide you on how to upload spreadsheets with quantity changes.

File Sample for Inventory Updates

The first step is file preparation. In case products are already in the database, to renew their stock basically you need a CSV with 2 columns: one with available product quantities and another containing its Name (in PrestaShop this field is required).

Update PrestaShop Inventory by Name as Identifier with Store Manager

If you have identical product names or in case your provider offers you the files of other formats, like XLS, XML, TXT, or ODS with specific column names and values there, you can use an alternative way to import stock levels to PrestaShop store.

With Store Manager for PrestaShop app, you can use unique values as product identifiers since sometimes product names coincide. This way you make sure that needed products are getting updated.

To refresh inventory of existing products with the Store Manager application there is no need to import descriptions, images, and all other data in case you do not need them to be overwritten. It is enough to have only 2 columns in the file: the one with a product identifier (either ID, Reference number, Reference+Name, UPC, or EAN) and the one containing its quantity.

Update PrestaShop Inventory by Reference as Identifier with Store Manager

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

Try Store Manager for PrestaShop to update PrestaShop inventory levels in an easy way. Download FREE

Import of Stock Levels

After the file is ready you can use Import Wizard of Store Manager for PrestaShop. Basically, you need to:

  1. Select your file with inventory updates.

  2. Select File for PrestaShop Stock Update During Import with Store Manager

  3. Indicate characters used as data separators in your file.

  4. PrestaShop Stock Update Fields Separator with Store Manager

  5. Map spreadsheet columns to database fields in case they are named differently. If their names are identical, they will be auto-linked.

  6. PrestaShop Import Inventory Fields Mapping with Store Manager

  7. When all the settings are set, submit the file to import into PrestaShop.

  8. PrestaShop Inventory Update Import Options with Store Manager

  9. Check the results.

Note: If you have Advanced Stock Management enabled and your product quantities are based on warehouse stock, you cannot upload these values, as this functionality is not included yet.

Inventory of Products Not Listed in File

With Store Manager for PrestaShop it is possible to manage the stock and status of products that are at your store, but not included in your import file.

You can set the quantity to ‘0’ for products that are not listed in your file or even disable these items. The corresponding options you can find at the last step of upload.

Update PrestaShop Inventory for Products not Listed in File with Store Manager

Automatic PrestaShop Quantity Updates

The necessity to update PrestaShop inventory may become frequent, so the importance of automating processes can’t be overestimated. Store Manager for PrestaShop can be extended in functionality with the range of addons. One of them, namely, Automated Product Import addon allows you to set up scheduled imports to update your catalog.

The addon is a built-in Store Manager for PrestaShop in Demo mode, so you can give it a try with a few product records.

PrestaShop Automated Inventory Update with Store Manager

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