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How to Update PrestaShop Stock Availability Text for Products in Bulk

PrestaShop stock availability text displayed at the product page works as an immediate notification for customers. In-stock text reports that there is sufficient amount of products and customers are welcome to order them immediately, whereas stock-out text may inform clients when this or that item will appear if it is out of stock.

Product stock varies and respectively there is always the necessity to update PrestaShop stock availability text, set custom values or apply the ones, supplier provided. Having abundance of products to be updated, you will find convenient doing it in bulk. Below in this article you can find extended instructions on how to bulk change availability text via Store Manager for PrestaShop.

Method #1: Update Stock AvailabilityText via Mass Product Changer

Bulk updates of any PrestaShop product detail can be fulfilled via Mass Product Changer. Availability text is modified via ‘Available Now’ and ‘Available Later’ fields. Update takes the following steps.

  1. Select items you need to reset PrestaShop stock availability text for and open Mass Product Changer.

  2. Access Advanced Modifier tab, that keeps ‘Available Now’ and ‘Available Later’ fields.

  3. Multilingual stores must display these details in different languages and Mass Product Changer allows to change in-stock and back-ordered message for all languages you have. It will display text placeholder for each of languages you have within current shop and you can set translation for each respectively.

  4. Input desired value in the field or both fields, check box for field to be updated and confirm modification.

  5. Method #2: Stock Availability Text Update Through Import

    Receiving data feeds with some custom stock availability from suppliers you will find it handy to transfer info to database via import. Import facility of Store Manager helps you fulfil the task flawlessly.

    PrestaShop stock availability text must be specified in the import file for necessary products. On condition that you want to update in-stock and back-ordered text only, it will work if you have product identifier and these notifications in the feed.

    Append data from the file via import wizard, as this article outlines – PrestaShop Import: How to Perform Product Upload from CSV File to PrestaShop

    Having adjusted import configuration according to your requirements, confirm upload and check results in Store Manager. Availability settings are disposed in Quantities tab of product edit form or in Main Product Properties.

    Short out time spent on data manipulations and implement changes in the easiest way using Store Manager for PrestaShop.

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