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PrestaShop Features Import

PrestaShop product features are characteristics associated to item. Very often they are treated to be the same as attributes. However, this is common confusion, since these two notions differ in purpose and how they are displayed at the front-end. Attributes allow the client to choose the option when buying goods and in case of multiple options assigned can be in the form of drop-down. Features serve for providing additional information on goods and will be shown in the ‘Data Sheet’ tab.

So in case your supplier provided you some additional information on goods and you want them to be indicated separately from the description, you can implement the task by means of Features. As product characteristics can serve height, weight, dimensions, additional options included. As a rule, some products can share the same features, but with different values, so in order to assign value to products, definite feature should be created beforehand in PrestaShop.

How to Add Product Features to Multiple products?

Adding characteristics to products or along with them via PrestaShop feature import procedure is much easier than entering details individually one by one. With Store Manager for PrestaShop this task is simplified even to greater extent.

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This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating or mass assigning product feature values.

Step 1 – Features Creation

Store Manager for PrestaShop allows to import feature values and assign them to products. To do so, features themselves should be created before the upload. For example, if you need to assign dimensions to products, their attributes ‘weight’, ‘height’, ‘width’ should be created before import and values – 1.1 for weight, 7 for height and 3.5 for width can be created on the fly.

To add features, navigate to Tab ‘Store’ -> ‘Features’.

Step 2 – File Preparation

Secondly, you need to prepare file for upload. In case your supplier provided it to you, please, check if data is placed there in suitable manner to be successfully applied. In case you need to add features to already uploaded products or need to have example of the file for import of products along with features, you can manually assign a few feature values to the products and then export them to data sheet.

What exactly feature-related information should be included in the file?

For upload of new products with PrestaShop product features:

  • all the fields that are necessary for product creating and its reflection at the front-end, like name, quantity, status, price etc.
  • the columns “Feature: (Feature name)” with corresponding values. The number of columns with features depends upon the features that were created by you beforehand. The values can be inputted via import, no need to create them in advance.

To assign feature values to already existing products there should be included:

  • reference – needed for product identification;
  • name – for better identification (recommended is name+reference);
  • one or multiple columns with features, where you indicate values.

Step 3 – Features Import Process

Further, you go from preparation to PrestaShop feature import step. After running Import/Export wizard of Store Manager you will have to indicate a few settings.

The most important of them are:

  • Proper file parsing
  • This settings page allows indicating correct delimiters and separators and checking preview to see if correct file structure is kept.

  • File Mapping to Database Fields
  • This useful import step allows you to link csv columns to appropriate database fields. Due to this functionality, you can import the spreadsheet without heading or with any headers you like (no strict requirements to file structure). Moreover, you can merge, add or modify information on the fly using Expression rules available at this page.

  • Import Options
  • As was mentioned above, features themselves should be created before import procedure. As for the values, they can be uploaded and created during import. So if you have new feature values in the file, check the corresponding box to add them to your goods.


Check feature values applied in section “Features” of lower grid.

Perform PrestaShop import features process with less efforts spent with Store Manager for PrestaShop

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