The Notion of Expression. Why to Use Expressions in the Course of PrestaShop Data Import?
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The Notion of Expression. Why to Use Expressions in the Course of PrestaShop Data Import?

Import of data feeds, containing all products details is obligatory for creating PrestaShop store catalog, embracing vast amount of products and categories. PrestaShop import is a primary means of data handling and content updating, that’s why it should be accomplished smoothly and flawlessly.

Not infrequently, import of huge spreadsheets with records is accompanied with slip-ups and muddled up results, what can be caused by inappropriate .csv file structure. As for example, to run web business, online shopkeepers have to cooperate with providers or wholesalers and receive datafeeds from them. Most likely, you will not get all the necessary for PrestaShop import from file fields – some columns of the file will be missed. In case, columns, responsible for products representation at front end are excluded, or incorrect values are indicated in these columns, goods won’t be displayed at front end after carrying out the import operation. Manually adding of missed records to .csv feed will definitely be time-consuming and tedious procedure. What to say if you need to upload files with enormous amount of items?

To turn PrestaShop import from file to more flexible and flawless operation and elude data upload difficulties, entrust this to Store Manager for PrestaShop application. Even if you have some fields omitted in the file or incorrect values specified, you can improve matters by means of Expression on certain stage of import process.

What Is an Expression?

Expression can be defined as command to fulfil certain operations, that will return some value. It is so-called formula, set of SQL statements, by means of which you are specifying what exactly information you need to get. The values are being added to necessary fields, depending on input .csv file data, imported with Store Manager for PrestaShop.

Where Is an Expression Applied?

Expression rules are being added on “Assign .csv Columns to Database Fields” stage of PrestaShop products import. The window is being visually divided into two parts. The list of database fields is placed to the left. You have to choose the field, Expression will be applied to, press “Editor” button, placed in front of it.

In the “Expression Editor” window opened, add Expression to modify data.

The formulae used in the course of PrestaShop import carrying out considerably simplify the procedure and help to bypass data upload inconveniences. Data can be easily managed right during the import of products and their related information.

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