Assign Numerous PrestaShop Feature Values to Products
2019-04-04 2014-11-18
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PrestaShop Features Without Limits: Assign Numerous Feature Values to Products

Merchants, as a rule, assign PrestaShop feature values to merchandise to provide detailed description and outline product specifications. Switching to the data sheet tab on the product page, customer consequently will find what characteristics are inherent to viewed item, for example, its dimensions, color or materials it is made of.

Previously, only one feature value could be assigned per product. Starting from version Store Manager for PrestaShop supports PrestaShop multiple featurs option, in the other words, you can assign as many values as it is required for the same product feature. Such a possibility enables merchants to create more captivating online shopping experience for customers.

Important: You will not be able to use multi-feature functionality until you have Multiple Feature module installed

So, once you have installed the extension mentioned above, nothing stops you from adding as many PrestaShop feature values to the products as you need. Below in this article we are going to cover main steps you should go through to associate multiple feature values with definite merchandise and get them displayed at the product page so that customers can closely inspect what they are going to buy.

Sample Product With Numerous Feature Values

Suppose your shop sells jewellery, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and other accessories. Naturally, your customers would like to know what metal this or that necklace is made of, how long it is, how it is designed and other specifications. Our sample is the ring, that has numerous gemstones mounted. Except general product details, such as color, measurements, sizes available, we are going to indicate what exactly precious gemstones the ring is decorated with.

PrestaShop Feature Values To Be Created

We are going to create a product feature, called respectively gemstone, that will have the following values assigned:

  • blue topaz
  • purple amethyst
  • red garnet
  • yellow citrine
  • green peridot

Note, these are not selections, customer will not choose this or that gemstone. Each of the stone, as the picture shows, are used as decoration.

Necessary feature and its values should be added in Feature section of Store Manager. Detailed step-by-step instruction on how to create features is available in this article –

Applying PrestaShop Feature Values to the Product

If the product, features should be attached to, has been already added to the catalog, link features to it. If this is a new product, create it first and afterwards apply necessary features.

It takes several seconds to link certain feature to the item. We put Gemstone Wide Ring product into focus, since this is target product and we want to attach features to it. Correspondingly we switch to Features section of the Quick Tab, where all available features (we have created in Features section) are displayed. We select Gemstone feature and automatically there appears the dialog window, providing feature values. We can select PrestaShop multiple feature value simply ticking boxes for necessary ones.

Let’s apply the changes and check how it looks at the storefront. There appeared “Data sheet” tab below on the product page, where feature values, we have just configured, are shown. When browsing this product, shoppers can learn more about it and its constituents.

Go beyond the limit and use numerous values for one PrestaShop feature. Build informative and descriptive product pages with Store Manager for PrestaShop.

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