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PrestaShop Mass Feature Changer

In PrestaShop there is the possibility to provide your clients the maximum possible information and details on the products sold. One of the ways to implement this is to use PrestaShop product features, that serve as standard products specifications (shouldn’t be confused with options).

Some features can be common for lots of products, like weight, height, width etc. Other features depend on item type. Thus, naturally that selling TVs you will additionally need features like – screen size, resolution etc.

Features are added in the main section “Features”. There you can also add values. The values can also be applied to products when editing them. So, basically there are 2 Feature tabs – for whole catalog and for each product.

Often there emerges the need perform PrestaShop features update for great amount of products. Performing the task for each entity one after another will be a solution only in case you have a few features and your catalog does not include thousands of goods to be modified.

With Store Manager for PrestaShop it is possible to automate this task and add or update PrestaShop product features in a few clicks, as the software has built-in Mass Feature Changer tool for accomplishing bulk operations with features. This way you can facilitate management of your catalog and reduce time spent on the procedure.

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

To call up Mass feature Changer, you need to select the goods for which you would like to modify features in bulk. Then either right-click and select from context menu Mass Changers -> Mass Feature Changer or press the corresponding button in the tab “Features” of the lower grid.

Mass Features Changer in PrestaShop Store Manager

You will see new window opened and there will be displayed available features. You can select value from drop-down (if values were appended previously) or indicate the one which will be identical for all selected products. For the changes to be applied, tick the checkbox next to the feature you are trying to update and press OK button.

Some features will be applicable to the particular products only. For instance, the feature ‘Headphone’ won’t be needed for such products as a vacuum cleaner or a piece of clothing. Specify values only for the features that suit this product. If you don’t provide a value for a feature, it won’t be displayed on the frontend of the store.

For example, lets add for all chosen entities Height -10 and assign Headphone – “Jack stereo”. After you save changed, you will see that feature values were applied, so you can add or modify multiple feature values (not just single one).

Update Features with Mass Features Changer with PrestaShop Store Manager

You can massively remove feature values from products, deleting them and checking tickbox to update fields.

The results you can check moving between the products and viewing the changes in the tab “Features” of the lower grid.

Massively add unlimited number of characteristic values ​​to your products or change them in a few seconds with Store Manager for PrestaShop and Mass feature Changer.

Need to handle your PrestaShop product features in bulk? Its time for action –

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