Daily to Yearly Webstore Management Tasks for Each PrestaShop Owner - Store Manager for PrestaShop
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Daily to Yearly Webstore Management Tasks for Each PrestaShop Owner

The overall success of your online store directly depends on how well you manage it. The tasks should be performed regularly and in time. In other words, it’s vital to make sure you stick to a management plan in order to make sure that you are ahead of competitors and do all possible to provide your customers a remarkable experience on your website.

Working schedule planned beforehand will help you to be better organized and miss out nothing. Having a plan, forces you to think through various things: from marketing to finances and competitor analysis. Not sure where to start? Check this rundown of actions you should be taking in order to monitor your PrestaShop on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The checklist also includes links to blog posts/articles with more detailed information.

Daily Tasks

As title says, these actions should be made every day. It is tedious, we know… At least find a few minutes to have a look at them in order to be aware of what’s going on at your store.

  • Read latest e-commerce news and trends
  • Accumulate new ideas
  • Keep an eye on the orders received
  • Review your customers feedback and requests

Weekly Tasks

Choose the day when the load on your store is less and see what happened throughout this week and what need to be improved:

Monthly Tasks

The monthly tasks should not be completed on a just in one specific day of the month, but instead need to be carefully followed during whole period.


These are the task that define your general strategy and summarize your previous earnings. Try to:

If you want to stay ahead of the game, make sure you are keeping a close eye on every action you take. Introduce your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plan into your working schedule and make sure that you stick to it.

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