How To Change Product’s Price and Quantity in a Few Seconds?

PrestaShop business running foresees accurate and opportune PrestaShop product inventory management and actual price display. Taking into consideration the fact, that products can be defined as a dynamic system, PrestaShop users are obliged to continually accomplish PrestaShop stock update, avoid stockouts, control PrestaShop price changes and so on.

Store Manager for PrestaShop maximally cuts time spent on store management tasks carrying out and significantly broadens product management capabilities in terms of updates. The application offers wide scope of efficient instruments for handy PrestaShop product management.

Edit Form Modifications or Direct Grid Edits

Store owners can readily implement PrestaShop stock update, cost regulations and other manipulations related to product data updates in native edit window, appearing when you press respectively Edit product button on product toolbar or context menu. Information can be modified in product lower grid as well.

Whenever you have to implement PrestaShop price updates, do it in the same way, stock changes, shown at the screenshot, are implemented. Although product prices, namely, base price and wholesale price can be modified in product grid as well.

This medium of data management is quite convenient in case you need to change PrestaShop product quantity or price for one product only. Manual product update takes long time and is a real burden if you need to update solid number of PrestaShop items.

Mass Changer for Bulk Product Updates

For that reason Store Manager has built-in Mass Product Changer tool. It’s possible to carry out price updates, stock management, special prices arranging, etc for abundance of products. Mass Product Changer window includes four tabs – Modifier, Advanced Modifier, Smart Price Options, Results.

PrestaShop stock, price and product quantity are being processed in Modifier section of Mass Product Changer.

Mass Product Changer supports price, wholesale price, quantity update. Besides you can manage other product related fields. Price and wholesale price fields update is performed settings fixed values, increasing or decreasing current value by percentage (+/- %) or fixed value (+/- value). In case PrestaShop stock update is performed, you may either set fixed value for quantity field or increase/decrease current product quantity by value.

This tool makes PrestaShop product management more flexible and helps store owners save lots of time. Moreover, it enables PrestaShop users to efficiently set smart prices and attract customers’ attention at the same time.

Mass Product Changer is hit-the-marks medium for constant and precise stock control. First of all, it helps to quickly manage products stockouts. Secondly, if PrestaShop users decide to stop selling definite products temporarily, it’s not obligatory to delete these items from store database – one can simply mark these products as out of stock for some time.

It’s worth to make mention of Store Manager for PrestaShop import possibilities. Data appending, accomplished via implemented import wizard, is one more way to update web store database, carry out fast price update, PrestaShop stock update on the fly, change products quantity and so on.

Updates via Import

All the product associated information is listed in the file, PrestaShop user is going to upload via the import tool. If, for example, web shopkeeper traced that some goods come to an end and he/she needs to update product quantity for these items only, there is no need to indicate all product related information in .csv file – only the field which needs to be updated (product quantity) and product identifier (ID, name, reference). Moreover, Store Manager allows to input values for missing in the file fields or those which are empty right in the process of data upload on Assign csv Columns to Database Fields step or apply expression rule and change values for fields if needed.

Covered above points are evident proof that Store Manager for PrestaShop is an optimal tool for keeping store content “up to the mark”. Build well-crafted shopping mall – arrange it with Store Manager application –

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