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PrestaShop Manufacturers

In PrestaShop by manufacturer is meant the company that produced the goods. Basically, if the name of items’ developer becomes well-known, it is treated like a brand that is recognizable worldwide.

Thus, your customers might not be 100% sure what exactly products they want to buy, but they may be interested in some particular well-know brands. Having in your catalog products developed by trusted manufacturers help give your customers the confidence to complete a sale.

The default theme in Prestashop doesn’t have Manufacturer’s name displayed among things like description or other features. So you might say: “Why should I add these data at all if it is not visible at the product page?”

Why to Indice Product Manufacturer?

This information serves the aim of quickly finding your goods, as shoppers can filter the products by manufacturer at the front-end.

This allows your products to be categorized in broader terms making it easier to find. It also brings some valuable search engine points. For the mentioned reasons, it is important to assign products in your store to certain manufactures.

Important! On the front-end of your store, manufacturers are sorted alphabetically. You cannot change that order.

Add New Manufacturer to the List

If you manage your catalog from back-end, to add new manufacturer to the list you should open Catalog-> Manufacturers and click “Add New” button.

The required field you have to obligatory fill in is ‘Name’ and also you have to associate manufacturer at least to one shop in case of multi-store (available in PrestaShop 1.5.x and 1.6.x).

Other fields you preferably might need are the following: logo, short description, description, meta information. All of them are not required, but useful for better ranking of your website by search engines.

New manufacturers are automatically disabled. You must enable them in order to have them appear online – even if they do not contain any product yet.

If you want your manufacturers to be enabled automatically, you can use Store Manager for PrestaShop to streamline operations.

Operations Over Manufacturers

Store Manager for PrestaShop offers the possibility to work with manufacturers, performing the following actions:

  • add new manufacturer
  • edit existing brand from the list
  • remove manufacturer you are not working with any more (in bulk)
  • massively associate selected brands to particular shop of your website
  • export manufacturers info into Excel or HTML format
  • refresh the list
  • add logo

These operations are possible to call out with the help of buttons in the menu or in context menu appearing after right-clicking at any product.

Associated Products with Manufacturers


To link appropriate products to manufacturer from Admin you need to go to Catalog -> Products and open each product’s edit form. Then in tab ‘Associations’ select suitable for this item manufacturer from the drop-down.

With Store Manager for PrestaShop things are much easier, since there is no need to open edit product form each time. You can move through product list and see for which goods this info is not indicated and if necessary quickly assign manufacturer.

To Multiple Products at Once

Store Manager for PrestaShop allows you to assign manufacturer to multiple selected entities from your catalog in bulk.

For that choose products, open Mass Product Changer tool with appropriate button available main or context menu.

In tab “Advanced Modifier” select manufacturer to be applied to selected goods. To save changes do not forget to tick the box in front of field “Manufacturer” to update it and press OK.

Note: You can add one manufacturer to products. By default there is no possibility to add multiple manufacturers to one and the same item.

That’s all, now you know why you need to add manufacturers and link them to products you have for better navigation of your shoppers.