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PrestaShop Employee

Managing of catalog with considerable amount of goods listed requires from store administrator to perform multiple tasks related to store handling, like managing inventory, adding and updating goods, taking care about customers, orders packing and shipping etc.

Naturally that it is a lot of work to do for one person, so sometimes store owners have some PrestaShop employees that help manage this or that part of web shop. They can be temporary assistants or the ones that assist for some continuous period of time.

Nevertheless, for security reasons and other obvious reasons you might need to limit access for your employees to certain parts of data of your shore.

In Store Manager for PrestaShop it is possible to create various profiles for employees to enable them to work with this or that section of your store. For instance, you as store owner or person who administers it, will have access to the whole store, while employee who adds new goods will have access only to catalog and the assistant with duties aimed at orders management and shipping will have access to the mentioned sections only.

With Store Manager for PrestaShop you can create multiple roles and assign to each definite permissions. This way each employee will have its own access information and after loging in to Store Manager for him/here there will be available only the sections that were previously assigned.

In Store Manager for Prestashop it is possible to create multiple profiles and assign different employees to them.

This functionality is available if you open tab Administration. There you will see 2 main tabs for creating and managing profiles and employees.

At your disposal are the following operations related to management of different employees:

  • add PrestaShop employee profile and add employee(s) to it. Adding profile itself presupposes indicating its name only. Basically, it can be any meaningful name for you to recognize and assign particular assistants. Adding employee you have to indicate first, last name, email and other details.
  • edit both profile name and assigned to it employee details if necessary.
  • remove accounts for users in case you do not work with them any more.
  • export data that you already have for statistical or other purposes to the files of Excel or HTML format by selecting appropriate options from the drop-down.

Further definite PrestaShop employee permissions for created by your profiles can be assigned to particular group of employees. You can not only allow access to particular sections responsible for managing definite information, moreover, you can select whether to allow the assistant to just view, add, edit or delete details from allowed sections. This way you can prevent undesired actions from the side of your employees.

More information on how to ensure access to particular information of your webshop find here –