Assign PrestaShop Suppliers to Products via Import
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How to Bulk Assign PrestaShop Product Suppliers Via Import

In PrestaShop you can manage PrestaShop product suppliers and manufacturers. These are similar notions at first glance. Whenever you buy merchandise directly from manufacturer, there is no go-between and supplier registry is optional. Though, you would definitely like to keep suppliers indicated, if you get products from them, but not from original producer.

Moreover, some customers may use supplier for product search. To make the browsing easier and help shoppers quickly access desired products, you should assign corresponding supplier to these products. Using Store Manager for PrestaShop you can bulk assign PrestaShop product supplier or several suppliers through import.

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

Preparation First: Import File Structure

Supplier or several PrestaShop suppliers association to necessary products is accomplished in the process of import via product import wizard. Supplier for each product is provided in Supplier column of import file respectively. Supplier reference analogically is recorded in separate file column.

Import Suppliers File Example with Store Manager

If you need to assign several suppliers to one product via import, each should take separate row in the import file. In this case, main supplier is recorded in the same row, all the product details are. Additional suppliers take the rows below, as the screenshot represents.

Please, take to note, the test file you can see at the screenshot, is used to update existing merchandise. The items have been previously added and now we are associating suppliers to them, so several fields are there in the import file. In case new listings are being added in the course of PrestaShop import, input more details in the file.

Settings to Configure to Get PrestaShop Suppliers Assigned

To bulk assign PrestaShop product supplier, accurately configured import settings are required. Import wizards leads you through several steps, the settings are arranged within. Complete product import guideline is described in this post – Import Products to PrestaShop using Store Manager and we are going to draw your attention to points ensuring flawless data upload and supplier assign to imported products.

  • appropriate file separators should be determined at “Select fields delimiter and quote character” step of the import wizard. Preview field below demonstrates data extract, so you may check whether selected terminating characters are fitting

  • Set Delimiters During Suppliers Import with Store Manager

  • associate file columns with respective fields at store database for error-free product import. To bulk add PrestaShop product supplier you should respectively link file column, suppliers are specified in, with “Supplier” field of PrestaShop store database

  • Assign CSV Columns Step During Suppliers Import with Store Manager

    Ensure product identifier you have set on this step is available in the import file and consider what manipulation you are going to perform. If you, for example, are adding new product listings, you can not use product ID, since it is commonly used for existing product updates.

  • determine PrestaShop import options at the last wizard step, namely import method, product options, action for products that are not listed in file, you import from, category option and other

Confirm data appending to get import performed and product suppliers assigned, as it is configured in the feed.

After PrestaShop Import

Let’s check one of products after import. We choose one of updated products in Store Manager, move to the lower grid and switch to Suppliers tab. We have suppliers assigned and reference indicated after import.

Check Assigned PrestaShop Suppliers After Import in Store Manager

All PrestaShop product suppliers are listed in Product Suppliers section of Store Manager application. Adding supplier you usually provide related details – first name, last name, address. If suppliers, you assign to merchandise in the process of import, do not exist at PrestaShop, they will automatically appear in above mentioned section of the application and further you can edit them, fill in extra details.

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a solution tailored to your unique needs that makes data handling flawless and allows you to link suppliers to multiple listings at once.

Bulk assign PrestaShop product supplier FREE with Store Manager for PrestaShop Assign Suppliers!

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