How to Export PrestaShop Attachments Separately or With Products?
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How to Export Files Added as PrestaShop Attachments

In PrestaShop you can attach one or more files to your products, so that customers could download them freely, regardless of whether they have ordered the product or not. The attached file(s) can contain some additional specifications about the product, the documentation, images

The need to export PrestaShop attachments linked to your products might occur if you are migrating your website or just trying to download all the associated to your goods documents and files into the local folder on your PC.

There are a few ways you can accomplish this task. Let’s review each of them, evaluating the benefits and drawbacks.

Download PrestaShop Attachments from Back-End One-By-One

Attachments are added and stored in Catalog -> Files section of your PrestaShop admin panel.

PrestaShop Attached Files Backend

Navigating there you will see the filename, size and products it is associated with. A single click on the file will download it to your computer. Having multiple attachments listed in this section, you will have to save each one-by-one, which is not very convenient for the extensive number of items.

If you are looking for a way to save all associated documents at once, keep reading.

Bulk Copy Attachments with Hashed Names

All attachments are also stored in the /download directory, located under the store root folder of your PrestaShop installation.

PrestaShop Attached Files Folder

You will see your linked files stored in one location, however, their names are hashed (encoded). So in case you need to use those files to further import, you need to find related data to identify real file names in the following database table ‘ps_attachment’.

Export PrestaShop Attachments Data and Documents in One Go

In case you want to export Prestashop attachments related fields together with products and at the same time save associated files in a folder at your PC, this is possible with a few clicks using Store Manager for PrestaShop application.

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

Steps to Export PrestaShop Products with Store Manager:

  1. Open Store Manager for PrestaShop and Launch the Import/Export Wizard.
  2. Select the Export File on Your PC or Specify Its Location.
  3. Export Options step allows to filter the products before export and set Advanced Export Options
  4. Select Export Fields Delimiters and Quote Character
  5. Select Fields to be Exported
  6. Preview Export data

Now we’ll go through each step and figure out how to complete the export successfully.

  1. Run Export Wizard in the application.

  2. Launch Export Wizard from Products Grid in Store Manager

  3. Select the file where the table with data fields will be saved at your computer.

  4. Select File for Product Attachments Export with Store Manager

  5. Use filtering options or choose to export details for all product records.

  6. Export Options Step in PrestaShop Store Manager Export Wizard

  7. At this step it is important to check ‘Download product attachments to the following directory’ option and decide where exactly associated with your goods files and documents will be saved. This way you can find them gathered in one folder after export.

  8. Select Export Fields Delimiter and Quote Character in Export Wizard

    Consider adding necessary product details, especially if you are planning to use product data further for import. For your convenience, fields are grouped and you can add a bunch of related columns in one click.

    Select Fields to be Exported in Export Wizard

  9. Preview output file and hit ‘Export’.

  10. Preview Export Data Step in Export Wizard

  11. You can open the file with attachment-related data fields right away and see files saved to the folder you indicated.

  12. Export PrestaShop Product Attachments Finish Step in Export Wizard

    Check an example of the exported file below

    Example of Exported File with PrestaShop Store Manager

These data are ready for import in case you want to transfer products with attachments to another PrestaShop store. Check related article on how to import attachments easily –

Export Attached Files with Product Data using Store Manager for PrestaShop!

Export FREE

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