Manage Your PrestaShop Products Filter Easily
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How to Manage Your PrestaShop Products Filter Easily

Business evolving leads to constant store catalog expanding and PrestaShop products amount increasing. Having abundance of items at store database makes it more and more difficult to find necessary entities in order to manage inventory for them or make some changes.

Since default PrestaShop back-end dashboard offers limited means for making complex products selections by definite criteria, it is obligatory for online merchant to have advanced PrestaShop filtering tool, which will be used for product search by different parameters.

Store Manager for PrestaShop application possesses a wide range of built-in PrestaShop product filters, making use of which, website administrators can decrease time and efforts they usually spend on product search and dispenses from tedious browsing products after products, page after page.

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Default Product Filters

Elementary PrestaShop filter option is disposed on Store Manager products toolbar. PrestaShop users can group items by one of three criteria listed:

  • by selected category,
  • by selected category with subcategories,
  • show all grouped.

Default PrestaShop Products Filters

Sort Goods in Ascending or Descending Order

Another way to filter PrestaShop products is to use column headings and reorder rows depending on your needs. Click on any column heading and fields will be sorted according to certain scheme: on condition that numeric values are specified in rows (e.g product quantity, price, product ID), they will be displayed in ascending or descending order, in case a column is filled with text (description, product name, manufacturer) the rows will be filtered alphabetically.

PrestaShop Filter in Descending Order in Store Manager

Select Items with Definite Value

Moreover, you can find an item indicating specific value or criterion, even using several parameters at the same time. For that you should go to one of the column headings, press an arrow beside it and check necessary box from the drop-down. Example below demonstrates PrestaShop product filter by price – all the products, being priced on 119, 124,58 and 129$ will be displayed in the list. In the event if you want to come to previous product list, close PrestaShop filter product results using corresponding option.

PrestaShop Filter by Price in Store Manager

Customize Filter Adding Specific Parameters

You can also customize PrestaShop filter settings and create your own criteria for product search. For example, you have thousands of items but you need to derive only those, price of which is less than 100$. Create custom filter as in the example below.

PrestaShop Filter by Scecific Parameters in Store Manager

Advanced PrestaShop Search

Furthermore, Store Manager application is tooled with advanced PrestaShop products search option. Open product search form using corresponding button on products toolbar. Here you need to define search conditions – text to search and fields to search in. Insert any word (words) which will be used as conditions for product search. In “Results” field below you will derive products matching your request.

Advanced PrestaShop Products Search in Store Manager

Custom Filter on the Basis of Search Parameters

On the basis of product search conditions indicated you can create custom filter and use it for further product management. For example, having added above described product search criterion to filter options, you will be able to find products, containing “update” word in description or name by choosing certain filter option from drop-down.

Select Created PrestaShop Custom Filter in Store Manager

Store Manager for PrestaShop application offers you variety of filter tools, allows to create custom filters and search for items indicating different criteria and search fields, what speeds up and simplifies products management.

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