PrestaShop Credit Slips. Managing Credit Slips in PrestaShop 1.7
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PrestaShop Credit Slips. Managing Credit Slips in PrestaShop

When a customer for some reason decides to return a product back to your store and such option is available in your store, you have to create a product return on Prestashop back office. After you have received the returned product, you should send the confirmation to the customer that the product is accepted back. Such confirmations are called PrestaShop credit slips.

PrestaShop Credit Slips: How to Create One?

  1. From admin dashboard expand ‘Orders’ dropdown and select ‘Orders’ settings.

  2. Open Orders Dropdown and Select Orders Settings at PrestaShop Backend

  3. From the list of orders select the one that you want to modify by clicking on it.

  4. Select Order From the List at PrestaShop Backend

  5. Press on ‘Return products’ button. You will be transferred to the list of products contained in the order.

  6. Press on Return Products Button at PrestaShop Backend

  7. Check the box in the ‘Return’ column.

  8. Check Return Box

  9. To create a credit slip, check the corresponding box in the bottom of the product page.

  10. Generate PrestaShop Credit Slip at Backend

    Besides credit slips, there are a couple of other options including:

    • Re-stock option – allows PrestaShop to update the stock for the returned product and make it available for sale
    • Generate a voucher – allows to create a voucher for the amount of the selected products.
    • Repay shipping costs (appears after you check Credit slip box)

    In case the product was partially paid by a voucher, it is possible to include / exclude the amount of voucher or set a custom amount to be refunded.

    Include or Exclude the Amount of Voucher at PrestaShop Backend

  11. To finish the product return, press ‘Return products’ button.
  12. To find the generated credit slip, go to Orders => Credit Slips. To download PrestaShop credit slips as PDF document, press the corresponding button.

Customize and Bulk Print PrestaShop Credit Slips with Store Manager

Store Manager allows to customize credit slips by changing its design or its whole structure. You can add your logo or change colors etc.

To start editing the document, go to ‘Credit Slips’ tool under Customer Service section and press on ‘Credit Slip’ button. To activate the button, select an order, or highlight a couple of orders.

Manage Credit Slips with Store Manager

From the editor toolbar select a necessary action:

  • Print the credit slip
  • Send credit slip by email
  • Change the documents dimensions
  • Modify credit clip design

Modify Credit Slip with Store Manager

Generated credit slips can be also printed in bulk. You just need to highlight necessary slips and press ‘Credit Slip’ button. To bulk print the slips, press on the printer icon and configure the printing settings.

Print Credit Slips in Bulk with PrestaShop Store Manager

Customize and bulk print PrestaShop credit slips for free – FREE TRIAL

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