Embed PrestaShop Product Videos and Add to Description
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How to Embed and Add Videos in PrestaShop Product Description

Video in PrestaShop product description provides thorough overview of items you are selling over the store. They are preferable by retailers since help captivate customers and create positive shopping experience.

PrestaShop product video embedding allows you to take necessary video hosted on Vimeo or YouTube and post on your product pages. Then people can watch tutorials directly at this page without moving to video-sharing website.


Store Manager for PrestaShop helps you enhance user engagement by simplifying overall procedure of PrestaShop product video embedding either manually in product edit profile or massively through import.

1) Inserting Video Through Product Edit Form or Lower Grid

Product description is accessible in the lower grid of selected product as well as in the edit form.

PrestaShop Product Description in Store Manager

  1. Open the product, you want to add video to, in edit mode in the application.

  2. Switch to ‘Description and Meta’ tab in the edit form.

  3. Open HTML Editor and hit ‘Video’ icon on the toolbar.

  4. html Editor for PrestaShop Product Description with Store Manager

  5. Insert video URL in the field below and adjust settings in ‘General’ tab if necessary

  6. Insert PrestaShop Video in Product Description with Store Manager

  7. Save changes and check whether video displays in the editor.

  8. Video in PrestaShop Product Description in Store Manager

    If you already have embedded video code, you can add it to product description through Raw HTML Editor. In order to switch to the Raw HTML Editor, press corresponding button as the screenshot below displays and paste embed PrestaShop product video code.

    Add PrestaShop Video Embed Code in Description with Store Manager

    PrestaShop Video Embed Code

    2) Bulk Add Videos Through Import

    Videos can be added to multiple products in one go through import surely. If embed code of videos with all the necessary parameters is provided for each product in the import file, you can upload it to PrestaShop running usual data upload through the wizard.

    Receiving data feeds from external sources, you oftentimes have plain video URL in separate file column, like it is shown below. It seems to complicate the task of adding the video in PrestaShop product description, since HTML tags are missed.

    Import Video into Descriptions File Example

    Store Manager allows to embed video code and add it to product description right in the course of import settings configuring creating special SQL formula to concatenate details from different columns, enclosing video into iframe HTML tag.

    When configuring import settings in the wizard, you are supposed to add this expression on ‘Assign CSV Columns to Database Fields’ page for ‘Description’ field.

    1. Press ‘Editor’ button beside ‘Description’ field.

    2. Expression Editor for Description Update

    3. Insert above provided expression.

    4. Expression Editor in PrestaShop Store Manager

    5. Execute the statement to ensure it is correct.

    6. Check Expression by Executing it

      PrestaShop product import is performed, the videos will be added into PrestaShop product description for all the items you have in the source file.

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