Import Specific Prices to PrestaShop Products - Add or Update
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How to Import Specific Prices to PrestaShop

It is smart to build good relationships with your clients. How is it possible? By offering the thing they like best of all – allowing them to save money. It is possible by creating PrestaShop specific prices.

Specific prices give the ability to create cost reductions and assign them to shops, currency, countries, customer groups, or even certain clients. However, with seasonal changes, there often emerges the need to set special prices for lots of entities at your shop. That is why store owners look for the means to bulk add or update reductions.

PrestaShop Specific Prices on Front-End

With Store Manager for PrestaShop, the of import specific prices from CSV becomes a much easier task. Through import, you can set the prices to satisfy the needs of different customer groups. Below in this post, you can find a detailed tutorial on this topic.

PrestaShop Specific Price Import File

First of all, you need to prepare a file with the correct number of columns and information included. To have an example of the file for import, you can create several catalog price rules for products and export them.

Speсific Prices Import File Sample

Let’s see what columns are mandatory for creating specific prices on your store and what values they must include.

  • First of all, you need to have the fields for identification – product name, ID, references, EAN, UPC, etc.
  • Specific Price: Shop ID field serves for indicating to which shop this price must be applied (input the number of a certain shop as a value). To apply the reduction to all shops, input the “0” value.
  • Specific Price: Country ID – allows you to make your offer more localized and create a reduction depending on the country where users belong to.
  • Specific Price: Group ID – applies the rule to the customers belonging to a specific customer group (should be 0 for all groups or a customer group ID for a particular group).
  • Specific Price: Customer ID enables you to create a special discounted price for a registered user.
  • Specific Price: Combination ID – makes it possible to assign the price to some product combinations.
  • Specific Price: Product Price – this is the price from which the reduction will be calculated. For the price to be counted from the base price of a product, input ‘-1’.
  • Specific Price: Starting At – indicate how many products shoppers must purchase for the specific price to be applied. For example, if you indicate there 5, the person will have to add at least 5 items of the same product to the cart in order to purchase it for a reduced price. This is especially good for bulk sales.
  • Specific Price: Reduction – input a particular reduction value. If you are planning it to be some amount, indicate it as a number. If the reduction will come as a percentage, then it must be inputted in the format 0,3 for 30%, 0,25 for the 25% mark-down.
  • Specific Price: Reduction Type – as was mentioned above, you can use either ‘percentage’ or ‘amount’.
  • Specific Price: From and Specific Price: To – determine the period during which the offer will be active.

PrestaShop Import Settings

Once the file is ready for upload, you can use the import wizard to bulk add PrestaShop specific prices. The import consists of several steps, each expecting you to configure some settings. All the steps are carefully outlined in this article – PrestaShop Import: How to Perform Product Upload from CSV File to PrestaShop

What settings are responsible for adding or updating PrestaShop specific price? Let’s cast a look at some.

  • Decide on the suitable product identifier since it is used by the system for product recognition. Keep in mind, the product ID can be used for updating only. Store Manager does not allow you to force ID import to ensure data integrity.

  • Fields Mapping. All fields related to specific prices that you have in the import file (as well as other product data) must be associated with the corresponding fields in the database. Check if the associations you have determined are correct since they are decisive for the successful import.

  • Assign Specific Price Fields during PrestaShop Import with eMagicOne

  • Import Options. In the last step of the import, specify the following options: import method, product properties options, category options. Select a proper method according to your needs: choose ‘Add and Modify’ or ‘Modify Only’ to update specific prices via import. If you are updating products with specific prices and adding new ones, select the ‘Add and Modify’ method, etc.

  • PrestaShop Specific Price Import Options with eMagicOne

    If you aim at updating the existing specific prices via import, check the ‘Delete specific price before import’ box.

    Delete PrestaShop Specific Price before Import Options with eMagicOne

Prestashop specific price import is a must for store owners who want to get more revenue without spending too much time on the manual input of price reductions.

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