Export PrestaShop Attribute Combinations and Their Details
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2019-02-12 2015-11-10
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How to Export PrestaShop Attribute Combinations?

If you are familiar with PrestaShop platform and use it for developing online store, you definitely know that it allows to offer products with variations. It can be attained attaching PrestaShop attributes and combinations to certain PrestaShop merchandise. Correspondingly, you need the tool for bulk attributes and combinations management, since there might be multitude of products with variants and it will be bothersome and tedious to manually handle them.

PrestaShop combination export is frequently asked-for, as it is fast way to get attributes and combinations smartly organized in the file for some modifications and adjustments. Imagine you need to add some attribute values to these or those PrestaShop products or change quantity for numerous combinations. You can export necessary combinations to the file, change or add necessary fields and upload this file back to PrestaShop.

In such a way you should generate properly structured .csv file and Store Manager for PrestaShop will help you out.

Step-by-Step PrestaShop Combination Export Instructions

PrestaShop attributes and combinations are being exported via Store Manager export wizard. You are supposed to carry out several simple operations:

  1. Start up the wizard via Tools -> Import/Export -> Import/Export Products, use corresponding button available on product toolbar or in product context menu.

  2. Opt for Export selection and you will be automatically transferred to the step, where file, attributes or combinations will be exported to, must be specified.

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  4. Afterwards you should indicate attribute combinations of what exactly products should be appended to the file. The wizards provides you three radio buttons – all products, products from certain categories or use filters. You may create filters beforehand and now apply some to reach necessary products or configure the one directly in this window.

  5. Determine separators that will be used to detach records in the file and accomplish a bunch of settings depending on product related details you exprt.

  6. Consider Export parent details option. If you want to export main product details (for example name) for each combination, enable this option. If you leave it unchecked, main product details will be exported to one combination only

  7. Now select fields that should be exported. All product related fields are gathered to the left and you can pick those related to combinations. To keep relations and get properly arranged spreadsheet you should export:

    • products identifier, that will show what product these or those attribute combinations belong to (Product ID, reference)
    • attribute groups, product attributes refer to. If, for example, products differ in colour and size, you must select these fields – Attribute group: colour and Attribute group: size. These columns of .csv file will contain attribute values – green, blue, white, L, M, X, etc.
    • combination associated fields. Choose attribute combinations details to be exported, for example, Combination Price, Combination Quantity, Combination Wholesale Price, etc.

  8. Check information you are going to export on Preview Export Data step and click on Export below.

PrestaShop Combination Export File

We had exported combinations and here is the file sample.

Combinations that belong to two products have been exported. Their IDs are provided in the file (1303 and 1305). Looking at the spreadsheet, we can state that product with ID 1303 has two attributes: colour and disk space, each coming in two variants (attribute values – black and white for Colour; 16GB and 32GB for Disc space). In such a way, rows 2-5 list variants of product 1303. Product 1305 varies in colour only.

Respectively combination price or quantity is specified in the same row. For example, 1303 product variant, listed in row 4 of the file (white/32GB) has no price impact and its quantity is equal to 15.

Perform PrestaShop combinations export accurately and within short time with Store Manager for PrestaShop.

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