How to Round PrestaShop Prices For Products Massively
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Round PrestaShop Prices For Dozens of Products in Bulk

Would you like to round PrestaShop prices in your product catalog? With Store Manager for PrestaShop you can massively adjust prices for selected or filtered goods in bulk, making them smart and psychologically attractive for your buyers.

Massive price rounding via Store Manager software is possible to perform with the help of Mass Product Changer built-in tool as well as Import Wizard. So let’s have a look at the benefits of rounding function available in the app on real-life examples.

With Store Manager for PrestaShop you will be able to apply advanced price adjustments, such as:

Select Products to Round Prices For

Wide filtering options the application is equipped with, allow you to make selections of products for which you need to round PrestaShop prices. This is especially beneficial in case you need this functionality to be applied, let’s say, to goods of some particular category, to items on sale or of definite brand.

Filter goods by column headings, built-in filters or via search option and work with them further to round prices.

Filter Products in PrestaShop Store Manager

Round PrestaShop Prices to the Nearest Whole Number

In case you do not want to have cents, you can display product prices without them, making goods priced like, $99.00 instead of $99.27 or $95.00 instead of $94.84.

To do so in Store Manager, after products were selected, run Mass Product Changer from main products toolbar or context menu.

Select Mass Product Changer from Context Menu in PrestaShop Store Manager

In the window appearing select the tab ‘Smart Price Options’. To round PrestaShop prices to the nearest whole number, you need to set Factor (Round) to 1 and field delta to 0.00.

Round PrestaShop Prices to the Nearest Whole Number with Store Manager

There is also a possibility to verify calculation, using some example before applying the set values.

After you press OK, the window will be closed and prices for dozens or even hundreds of products will be modified in bulk in seconds.

Set Smart Prices Ending in .99 or .95 (Swiss Round)

It is well known that prices ending in 99 or 95 make items appear cheaper than they really are. Since people tend to read from left to right, they are more likely to notice the first numbers, rather than decimals.

If you want to apply this smart prices technique and create sections in your store to show the prices that seem like offers with .99 at the end, use delta setting 0.01 in Mass Product Changer. For Swiss Round use 0.05.

Smart Price Round 99 with PrestaShop Store Manager

Additionally, if you would like to have, let’s say, goods rounded to 5 value and then set 0.99 cents to have prices like 24.99 (instead of 23.65) or 49.99 (instead of 46.27), you can combine delta and factor round like this:

Smart Price Round Delta with PrestaShop Store Manager

Choose What Prices To Round

As you might have already noticed, Store Manager allows to make smart Base Price as well as Wholesale price per your choice. The same cases as were mentioned above can be applied.

Smart Price Round Wholesale Price with PrestaShop Store Manager

Round Prices During Import

Price rounding might be necessary when you import price lists with updates from your suppliers or completely new products. There is no need to make any manual recalculations yourself. To round and make prices smart on-the-fly is possible right during import via Store Manager for PrestaShop, applying special expression formula.

At the step of mapping file columns to database names, in front of prices row to be modified, use the following formula to round prices:


Where INDEX is the number of column in your import file with product prices.

PrestaShop Round Prices During Import with Store Manager

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