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Drag Image from Browser and Drop It Directly to Your PrestaShop Product

PrestaShop images are kind of must-have for every ecommerce site. After all, they’re the only way your customers can see your products. But just how important are PrestaShop product images? Very.

Product photos are essential because they help your clients to better understand what exactly you sell and without the ability to physically evaluate the item, image becomes initial source of information. At the same time they build customers’ trust in both your products and your brand, so shoppers who came accross your site once, may come back for more. In this way high-quality pictures help to increase sales and reduce returns.

How Images Usually Added to PrestaShop Products?

You have to be very selective choosing appropriate PrestaShop images for products and in case you widen your imagery yourself. If you are looking for the images somewhere in the Internet or get them from your supplier’s site, you need to download image to your computer and only then load it to your site.

However, you can even more simplify the procedure and what’s the most important – speed it up. The newest version of Store Manager for PrestaShop allows using drag&drop technique to take image from web browser and add it directly to your product.

Add PrestaShop Images with Drag&Drop from the Browser

So imagine that you have the product iPod and for it you need to add other original images, which you have already found in web. In this case, without closing your browser, you should open Store Manager and by means of the system of built-in or custom filters or using search option, find the necessary product.

Then take the image from the browser, drag it to the place meant for images in Store Manager and drop it there this way –

You can repeat the procedure a few times, in case you need to add multiple PrestaShop product images using this technique. This way you can also add the same image for multiple products at once.

Please note, this will work only in case Store Manager and web browser were not run in Administrator mode.

Diagnose Products for Missing Images and Add Them in Bulk

Store Manager for PrestaShop allows you to do more and with less efforts. You can also define which entities still have no images using images diagnostic tool of the application and then add images by the mentioned above technique.

In case you need to add multiple images from the folder at your computer (in case they were previously saved or provided by your supplier) or add them in bulk using import file, it is also possible with Store Manager. Moreover, the application supports equally good upload of local PrestaShop images and remote ones (using URL).

Show off your goods in smart and effortless way. While your competitors are still downloading images manually, you can be a few steps forward and put your online business at the top.

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