Change Sort Order of PrestaShop Products Within Category
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Changing the Order PrestaShop Products are Displayed

Selling goods online it is natural that some of the products are more popular than other ones. Taking into account this fact, you might need to captivate shoppers attention from first sight by displaying some goods in the first place on view. This is often needed when novelties are added to the shop. For the mentioned purposes, sorting of the order in which items are displayed at the front-end is a helpful technique to bring definite goods into focus.

You can set your list up in the way you want your customers to view it, indicating products’ position on category view.

Generally, product display orders can be set for each individual product (on category view) by indicating the position for each item. However, having at your catalog tens or even hundreds of entities in one category, you might be looking for a way to change their positions massively.
Store Manager for PrestaShop allows to simplify the procedure and make it more speedy. You can change the position of products in the list in the following ways:

If you haven’t installed Store Manager yet, download the free trial and connect the application to your store database using the wizard inside. Read about other Store Manager tools to simplify and speed up PrestaShop store management

Sort Items in Necessary Order

With Store Manager, you can use the built-in filter “By selected category” and then change the position of products using the “Up” and “Down” buttons. In case the position of the product is not yet set (equals to 0), you can set the order number automatically (ascending or descending) depending on some column chosen.

For example, you need to make more expensive products from the selected category to be visible first, but all positions are yet the same. In this case in Store Manager, you select to filter by heading “Price with tax” and then press the button “Sort by grid position” in the main menu. Then the order can be further adjusted, moving goods up and down.

PrestaShop Products Positions in eMagicOne Store Manager

Drag&Drop Products Changing Their Location

If you decide to allocate the item, it is extremely easy in Store Manager for PrestaShop, since you can simply select the item and drop it to the needed location. At this, with the sort order of items will be changed in accordance to position set by drag&drop.

Please note, to drag&drop is possible in case the products have different positions indicated. If all of them have position 0, this functionality will be not applicable.

Product Position Change via Import/Export

Export your products to the file, open it. There find the column ‘Position’ and there indicate the number that corresponds to the order you would like to assign to the product. After all changes in the file are made, you are ready to apply them by importing data back.

The obvious advantage of performing the task with the Store Manager for PrestaShop is the fact that it is possible to reduce the time spent on the procedure. You can include in the file only 3 columns:

  • An identifier (reference, ID, etc).
  • Correct positions of products in a category.
  • Category or Category ID (for the cases when a product belongs to several categories and you need to set a position in each category).

It is also possible to change position on-the-fly during import using special expression rules applied.

Import PrestaShop Product Positions with eMagicOne Store Manager

As a result, a new sorting has been created. Hurray! Check how changed order in which products are displayed.

Bring a bit more sense to the way your products are shown on the category page. Allow your visitors to see the highest-rating items first since these are likely to be your most popular products. Customize the category view in the way you decide.

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