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Auto-Select and Import the Latest File from a Directory to PrestaShop

If you regularly update PrestaShop inventory and add new goods to your catalog via import, then most likely you got bored of doing the same steps each time.

If have some settings prepared and saved for future uploads or even better – scheduled this task, then most likely one question bothers you: how to avoid manual selection of new file to import into PrestaShop?


In case you do not want to change import configuration for each new import, you need to name spreadsheet for each upload identically and put it in the same location. Thus, adding new import file you will have to re-name it according to the settings you have made previously.

However, what if the file is located at some remote FTP server and you cannot change its name? For example, when supplier provides you each day new file with date in its title –





In this case, you might be interested in the ability to automatically select the latest file by date from some local or remote directory. If that is what you are looking for, keep reading.

Auto-Fetch the Latest File from Directory

Store Manager for PrestaShop offers the possibility automatically identify and then fetch the most recent spreadsheet added to folder and imports data from it. It is especially valuable when you need import to be running automatically and on schedule, usually at late night hours when you will already be asleep.

Even when you are file using ordinary import, it will be more easier if you will not have to remember the filename each time, but the software will simply pick the most recent file from the folder.

To put that idea into practice you have to follow a few simple steps:

1) Open Import/Export Wizard of Store Manager for PrestaShop

2) At the step when you choose import source file, indicate path to its location (folder at your PC or http of ftp link to file) and instead of filename or its variable part put asterisk symbol (*).

For example, when you need to get the latest file from folder “PrestaShop import files” at your computer, you can indicate the following path:

D:PrestaShop import files*.csv

In case the file is placed at remote location and supplier includes dates into feed names for you to better differentiate them (as in example above – products_2015_03_03.csv, products_2015_03_04.csv, products_2015_03_05.csv), you can use the following trick:


As you see asterisk symbol can be used to replace the whole filename or its variable part and if used, Store Manager will “know” that the latest file should be taken for upload.

3) Proceed with other import settings and save them for further usage. Check step-by-step tutorial including video with each step explained –

Prestashop product import [Guide]

Spreadsheet Formats and Zipped Files

Store Manager for PrestaShop not only handles import files of different file formats – CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, TXT, ODS, but also can unpack and parse the feed automatically without spending time on manual extraction.

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