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Set Up Scheduled PrestaShop Product Export to Create PrestaShop CSV Data Feeds

Very often online merchants need to perform PrestaShop product export a few times a day. The objectives may be various. Not seldomly online retailers want to create PrestaShop csv data feeds.

What is a product feed and why do you need it? Feed is the file with information on products available at your store, that can be used for uploading to different shopping centers or other external usage. Additionally, if you products are in high demand and you need to inform your provider about low stock of your entities, export is also good means of accomplishing the task.
However, running the process again and again manually each few hours or days can be tiresome and often store owners start looking for reliable ways for executing PrestaShop cron job for exporting products.

Store Manager for PrestaShop has built-in tool – Automated Product Export, for exports to be scheduled in order to cut down time on repetitive manual exports. The application allows to set the process without special technical skills for creating and applying scripts and with no changes of core shopping cart files.

What Automated Product Export can bring you?

  • Personalization of your exports. You can create different export configurations, defining precisely what products, product details will be exported, depending on your needs.
  • Planning of your exports. For huge catalogs you can regulate procedure of product feeds creation using schedule tasks.
  • Providing access to exported data. You can upload exported PrestaShop csv file to your FTP for providing live access to it to your vendors or partners.

Schedule PrestaShop Product Export with Store Manager for PrestaShop Automate Export Now

How to set up PrestaShop cron job for products export?

You should go to Addons section of Store Manager and select Automated Product Export. Next you have choose “Create or modify export configuration” option and indicate the file where information will be saved. As was said above, you can also automatically upload exported file to your FTP.

Useful thing is that you can select the products to be exported, choosing definite category or applying filters you have (you can create the one beforehand and use it while export configuration setup). This way you can, for example, export products with low quantity and provide information to your supplier in order to re-new stock.

Furthermore, in case you need only some information to be brought to the file, you can choose which exactly fields you would like to be exported.

After all the settings are made, you need to give the name to export configuration and save it.

Next you need to set the time when scheduled PrestaShop product export will be running using “Add current export to scheduler” option. There you will be able to indicate how often regular export should take place.

Power your online business with extremely helpful tool for creating PrestaShop csv product feeds via PrestaShop cron job without coding and scripts.

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