PrestaShop eBay Integration - What Should I Start With

PrestaShop eBay Integration: How to Export PrestaShop Products to eBay Listings

Whatever goods you are selling online, you would definitely like to make them accessible to potentially larger audience and create listings on popular retail channels. eBay is one of the most popular variants to expand business horizon. It unites diverse community of buyers, sellers and businesses.

Store Manager application has a number of plug-ins, using which you can integrate with other systems, including PrestaShop eBay Integration addon. It gives you the ability to instantly list your merchandise on eBay exporting them via addon wizard within several steps.

PrestaShop eBay Integration Registration

Before you can start selling on eBay you will need to activate the addon. By default it is running in demo mode, allowing you to operate with several records only. After you purchase it and register in Preferences (F12) -> Addons with license key provided, its functionality can be used to the full.

Before starting integration via the module, let’s first define the following concepts:

  • account
  • configuration
  • product listing

1) Add eBay Account in Store Manager Addon

The account refers to your identity on eBay marketplace. To manage eBay listings (export or update) and orders you need to connect the addon to marketplace adding your account. If you still do not have eBay seller account, create one. Afterwards add it to the addon as these steps describe:

  1. Launch PrestaShop eBay Integration addon in Store Manager (Addons->eBay Integration).

  2. Select any of actions on the first page.

  3. Choose eBay site from the dropdown, language and click on Add Account button.

  4. Add New eBay Account in PrestaShop Store Manager

  5. Specify your eBay account login details to sign in and grant application access to the account.

2) Add Listings and Configurations

Having added the account, you can create product listings and configurations. Configuration is actually the scenario used for PrestaShop product export, synchronization or order import that includes process matching criteria. It can be deployed on other computers and allows to bypass reconfiguring each time.

Product export/synchronization configurations are created on the basis of generated listings. These can be added via PrestaShop eBay Integration addon or directly from product grid.

Create eBay Listing from Product Grid

To create a listing from product grid, select the entities, you want to export from PrestaShop to eBay or the ones you want to update and right click to expand the context menu.

Adding PrestaShop Products to eBay Listing from the Grid

Hit Create New button in upcoming window and outline required details

  • select the type of configuration current listing will be used for (product export to eBay/existing product update on eBay)
  • input the name of configuration this listing will be used for
  • title this listing to make it recognizable
Creating New PrestaShop Listing for eBay

Modify Existing Listing from the Addon

Just starting work with eBay Integration addon, you will find default configurations for goods export, synchronization and for order import. They should be adjusted according to your requirements.

Select product export or synchronization action and enable listing editing on the following page.

PrestaShop eBay Listing Modification

Add items to this listing, change its name and press Save button to apply the changes and update default listing.

Additional PrestaShop Products for eBay Listing

Further you need to create configuration for product export or synchronization. Extended instructions on configuration setup are available in our official documentation – PrestaShop eBay Integration Documentation

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